about the film

The Year is 2033. Earth has been clobbered with a comet, civilization has been destroyed, and it hasn't rained in 11 years. No Movies, No Cable TV, NO WATER!!! Now, 20 people gotta squeeze into the same bathtub. So it ain't all bad. Nearly all the water on the planet is controlled by the evil Water and Power company, which is in turn controlled by the even more evil Kesslee (Malcolm McDowell). Who stands in the way? (1) The Rippers - an army of half-men/half-kangaroo people whose sole purpose is to bring down the W & P, and (2) a chick with a tank and tons of attitude - a.k.a. Tank Girl (Lori Petty) oh and Jet Girl (Naomi Watts) helps too. Kesslee had better get a grip on reality and his water jugs because not even a run in her stocking is going to stop her from saving the planet.  Tank Girl is based on the comic of the same name by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett (who later went on to do the animation for the Gorillaz and is listed as a co-conspirator).  Love it.


Tank Girl - Lori Petty
T-Saint - Ice-T
Jet Girl - Naomi Watts
Sergeant Small - Don Harvey
Booga - Jeff Kober
Deetee - Reg E. Cathey
Donner - Scott Coffey
Kesslee - Malcolm McDowell
Sub Girl - Ann Cusack
Sam - Stacy Lynn Ramsower
Richard - Brian Wimmer
Model - Dawn Robinson
Max - Bill L. Sullivan
Che'tsai - James Hong
Captain Derouche - Charles Lucia
Ripper - Doug Jones


Army of Me - Bjork
Aurora - Veruca Salt
B-A-B-Y - Rachel Sweet
Big Gun - Ice-T
Big Time Sensuality - Bjork
Blank Generation - Richard Hell & the Voidoids
Bomb - Bush
Drown Soda - Hole
Disconnected - face to face
Girl U Want - Devo
Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love - Joan Jett and Paul Westerberg
Mockingbird Girl - The Magnificent Bastards featuring Scott Weiland
Ripper Soul - STOMP!
Roads - Portishead
Shipwrecked - Sky Cries Mary
Shove - L7
Thief - Belly
Wild, Wild, Thing - Iggy Pop


 - The tank used in the movie is a heavily modified Stuart M5A1.
 - The words 'Tank Girl', 'Jet Girl' or 'Sub Girl' are never spoken in the movie - everyone always calls TG 'Rebecca' or 'Beckie', JG 'Jet', and SG's only a cameo, so she's never called anything except 'liar' and 'rain lady' (although in the deleted scenes Beckie does refer them as 'Jet Girl' and 'Sub Girl')
 - Three of the Spice Girls members: Emma Bunton, Geri Haliwell, and Victoria Adams auditioned for the role of Tank Girl
 - Bj÷rk was originally cast as Sub Girl, but Ann Cusack took over, apparently at Petty's suggestion after working together on A League of Their Own
 - Steven Spielberg and his production company at one point expressed some interest in the project, but later decided it was "too hip" for him. This gave rise to a sort of catch-phrase used by the comics and fans thereof: "too hip for Spielberg"
 - Sara Stockbridge modeled as Tank Girl for a series of promotional photos to help her get the part in the movie. Though unsuccessful in getting the role, the photos themselves became well known and for a time were seen on the covers of magazines like ELLE, Vogue and The Face
 - The tank has a little Salvador DalÝ ornament that dangles from the antenna like fuzzy dice
 - Rachel Talalay fought a battle with the studio over the edit. The studio insisted on removing scenes of Rebecca Buck (Lori Petty) and her mutant love interest Booga (Jeff Kober) in bed together from the video and DVD release of the film. The scenes had appeared in the original theater release.
 - Immediately after Malcolm McDowell's first scene, Lori Petty's costume (bowler hat, eye makeup) recalls McDowell's costume in A Clockwork Orange(1971).
 - Rebecca (Tank Girl) wears 18 different outfits and hairstyles throughout the film.