I am not a big one on rules, but there are a few:

• Obviously you must love the C.S.I. characters, that’s kind of a gimmie.

• You don’t necessarily have to have a website, or even an email address, though I am thinking you have at least one of these if you are even visiting here. If you do have a website, you MUST add a button or text link back here on your website as soon or before you fill out the form to join. Buttons are great.  Show your appreciation with pride. Plus it's one of those you link, I link type of things.

• Have a nice site.  No hate, racism, porn, etc sites will be allowed to join.  Grissom and the crew would not approve.

• You need to fill out the form completely in order to be added to the member list


Please be sure to link all buttons or links back to:

 i love the gang from CSI






That's it for now, but more will be coming soon and of course feel free to create your own. Also if you would like to donate, that too would be appreciated.

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