Welcome to Synchronicity, a fanlisting for the characters of the amazing show C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation. What is a fanlisting you ask? Well, A fanlisting is a place for all the fans of a particular show, movie, actor, actress, singer, etc. to come together and build the biggest listing of people all around the world who are fans of that subject. This is one of those listings, approved by thefanlistings.org

Now this fanlisting is for all those that love the characters from C.S.I: Las Vegas. Yes, I am a fan. Yes, I am obsessed. If you are a fan of the show, you understand why I wanted to show my appreciation for the Las Vegas night crew. Whether you love Grissom, Sara, Warrick, Nick, Catherine, Brass, Greg or whomever, you definitely came to the right place. You do not have to have a website to join, you don't even have to have an email address, you just have to love the characters from CSI. That's all, but you should read the rules real quick before you join. Navigation is to your left in case you hadn't figured it out.

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Catherine Willows Fanlisting
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