Wicked in the heart, pure in the mind
-- Frost

z R O A R K E  - High King, Unseelie Ruler
z I A N  - Roarke's Son by Laurana of the Seelie Court
z F R O S T  - Captain of the Guard
z N A S T A S S I A  - Roarke's Consort and Unsidhe Noble
z H O T S P U R  - Former Satinamuh
z K O R A T H  - Unseelie Court Muscle UP FOR ADOPTION
z D E L O T H  - Roarke's Guard UP FOR ADOPTION
z A N D Y  - Unseelie Baron

Faeries...Sidhe...Sith...The Alfar…whatever you want to call them are not the Tinkerbell we watched when we were kids. They’re real, are beautiful and can be very deadly. The Unseelie Court, unlike the more good-natured Seelie Court is little more malevolent in their machinations. Here the Fey of nightmare mingle with mean-spirited tricksters. They are far more inclined to operate in selfish instrumentation. Alliances with the Unseelie are frequently detrimental in the end result. Again, the lines can be particularly difficult to realize at first with the Unseelie since deception and duplicity run strong in their nature. Some of the Unseelie are the most beautiful and charming individuals you may ever run across and others may merely have an affinity for highly hazardous--and occasionally fatal--pranks. All Unseelie Fey are ultimately aligned under the Unseelie High King, Roarke Bellemorte, King of Flesh and Darkness.

Roarke Bellemorte and his court are slowly eating away at the Belladonna powerbase in the city. As the Fey are the new ‘fad’ of the moment, the High King uses his influence in all the circles to help ‘persuade’ Noblesse business associates to become Unseelie associates. It is slow going however. Though Roarke and his court tend to be less showy when it comes to their finances and they have left the skyscrapers to the Kindred, there are some buildings, and some monuments that no other clans will go near. It has been surmised that some of these buildings -- Beaux Arts masterpieces topped with gilded pyramids -- form a mystical glyph that exerts an arcane hold on the City, modern standing stones plugged into ley-lines or aerial circuitry cracking with a clandestine magic. . .

Change Is Good
Security is a falsehood: it does not exist. Embrace change or you will be lost in its wake. Chaos is the ruling force of the Universe. Adapt or die.

Honor Is A Lie
Honor is a fairy tale, and a poor one at that. It has no place in this cold, bitter world. Honor is a lost thing from a lost past. Only through enlightened self-interest can any truth be reached.

Passion Before Duty
Passion is the truest state. Follow your instincts. Live life to the fullest. Have as much fun as possible before your youth is gone. Live well now -- tomorrow you may die.