The holy or unholy triumvirate, Selene and her two companions Seth and Simon/e are older than the Earth itself and more powerful than the Chimaera and the Humans that inhabit it.  They were brought into existence by something even greater than themselves and given the duty to keep the world in balance even if those inhabiting the world do not always understand it.

Selene was the first to know existence and is more powerful than her two companions, yet she cannot function without Seth and Simone at her side.  Each of the three ‘Gods’ or Powers that Be are an aspect of the whole and in various incarnations, some deified some not, have pushed and prodded the world below.  Simon/e tends to represent incarnations of peace, goodness and light.  While Seth enjoys chaos and the darker side of things.  Selene on the other hand tends to stray to both sides. The Triumvirate rarely use their own human forms to interact with the world. Most Chimaera and Humans alike even doubt their existence.  But those few who do believe are blessed by them.

The trio rarely interferes with the life of the Chimaera and Humans that they watch over, but the millennia has also made them inquisitive and restless.  Seth fell in love with a young amnesiac named Grace that the Giovanni are taking care of, a woman whose past is more than what it seems.  Selene too has had her share of lovers, mythology is scattered with them, but lately there are three that have truly taken her interest: Carlo Giovanni, Fitzcairn and Katita Talamasca.  Simon/Simone, unlike her companions, tends to stay away from corporeal form and merely watches as s/he has always done.  And yet there are times when her presence is needed and though she favors female form she also uses a male form as well. Above all they are sworn not to mettle too deeply.  The one true gift on this plane of existence is free will and they cannot manipulate too much.  They cannot stop the gate from opening or closing, though all three are wary of how things will change if the gate is indeed opened. There are some things that may be more powerful than themselves and only the force that created them knows the true answers of it all.