"Some people chose to see what they want to see, but the nightmare is still
there no matter what."
-- Andais Malitista

z G R E G O R Y  - King of the Talamasca (Earth and Fire) UP FOR ADOPTION
z J U L I A  - Queen of the Talamasca (Water and Spirit)
z N A T A L I E  - Talamascan Heiress (Earth)
z K A T I T A  - Baroness (Fire)
z J O H N  - Necromancer (Spirit)
z O L E S I A  - Seeress (Water)
z A L E X A N D R I A  - Clan Healer (Water)
z A R A P M O I - Clan Security (Air)

In ancient thought, a man was split into three parts: the mind, the body, and the soul. When the body died, usually the mind dissolved and the soul passed on to reincarnation. However when the Talamasca pass on, their minds and souls never separate and they are reborn knowing what they were in their past life and retaining the magic and power they had in that life. So they are very much the person that they were in the previous life. Their physical appearance may change, but their minds do not. However they can be distinguished by their jade colored eyes that all Talamasca share.

The Talamasca family is ruled by the kind but firm Gregory Talamasca and his wife Julia. They rule their widely scattered clan with kindness and not fear like so many other clans. In New York, their daughter and heiress to the throne, Natalie Talamasca rules in their stead and holds the Council seat. In latter years however a new sect has broken off called the Feranti headed by Dante Talamasca, Gregory's youngest son. This sect is devoted to the darker magicks and to bring the Talamasca onto Earth's throne.

In the city that never sleeps, the Talamasca clan owns much of the mundane businesses, the heart and souls of the economic community. Grocery stores, housing, garages and the like. They are everywhere though you may not know it for they are closely tied to the mortal world and most even consider themselves mortal. But human they are least not quite. The Feranti on the other hand own and operate most of the technology world which in this day and age can be a scary thing especially if they want to destroy your life.