Welcome to New York City, the city that never sleeps.  I think as humans we always knew that we werenít alone; that it wasnít the dark we were afraid of or fascinated by, but what lay within that dark.  There was a part of us that believed in the legends and fairytales, the myths of our ancestors. In the beginning this was their world, but somehow we took it from them.  About 500 years ago they, the Chimaera, stopped hiding.  All of our fantasies, or nightmares depending on whom you ask, came true. Vampires, witches, faeries, shape shifters, demons, you name it: they are real. And those aren't the only things out there.  Human beings have never been alone.

Change is always hard.  King Marius, the first great ruler of the Chimaera and one hell of a diplomat, did a lot for his people. There was fear and ignorance, but as the world changed and evolved so did the views on things that werenít mortal.  For the most part we all coexist peacefully. In fact for the past thirty years people have nicknamed the Big Apple, ĎChimaeran Cityí.  They live right along beside us paying taxes, having mundane jobs and are governed by both mortal law as well as their own. They have been since the Preternatural Act. Some of the Chimaera even outshine the best Hollywood starlet these days. They're everywhere:  the runway model on the billboard may be Fey, your son's teacher may shift under a full moon's light, and that bartender at the hottest new club might be Kindred.

Of course there have been ups and downs, arenít there always. Seven years ago King Marius Noblesse was killed. His childe and the woman he loved, Gitanne, took his place. Her reign has been an uneven and unsteady one at best. Under her watchful gaze and wise counsel the Chimaera endured the Venice Jyhad and even gained more rights because of the wrongs committed. She has helped usher in a new age, doing away with many antiquated practices. And in media/pop culture the Chimaera experienced a wave of being embraced by the younger generations. But the crowd is fickle and popularity eventually wanes. Under the Queen's reign the Chimaera have also suffered through a rise in mortal prejudice the past couple of years; Prejudice that has not been confined to name calling, but has escalated into violence.

Three months ago things really changed.  For years mutterings of an Ancient Prophecy had people whispering. Some people dismissed it.  Others took notice.  And then we had no choice when a massive temple appeared in the middle of Central Park. Soon after, four more appeared in other parts of the world with Central Park right in the middle. No one knows what it means or what it could foretell, not even the Chimaera. Itís as if something from the other side wants to set up shop around here. The only thing left is for someone to unlock the door, let it in and find out whether it is good or bad. As a human being I am not too keen on the idea as usually it is something bad. Some say that this is a sign, the beginning or the end depending on the person. Maybe humanityís time to rule has come to an end and itís the Chimaeraís turn again. Which could mean the destruction or enslavement of us depending on who holds that last prophesized key or depending on who is ruling at the time. Not my idea of fun.

The balance of power among the clans is shifting too. Sides are being drawn among the Chimaera and not just on the Prophecy issue. You see almost a month ago a coup was staged on Queen Gitanne and as of right now the throne is up for grabs. I donít know about you, but I really donít foresee good things if The Unseelie, The Diablo or a few others grabs a hold of it. That old clichť of it doesnít rain, it pours is sadly true. I donít know what is going to happen and I donít know when or why. It would be much easier if I did. For the first time, in a very long time, Iím afraid of them and afraid for the human race. I guess itís time to choose sides for everyone. The only questions that remains isÖwhat side are you on?


When you join our world, you can select your own persona. Are you one of the humans? Are you a member of the Satinumah, a hunter sent to extinguish the preternatural? A curious student with, perhaps, an investigative skill that might prove to be too good? A newcomer to the city, trying to make a fresh start, only to become a pawn of darker forces? Or are you one of the Awakened creatures? A Fae, trying to break the humans' mental restraints that lock them into an existence devoid of magic? A vampire, savoring the blood of humanity while waging war on your common enemies? A shapeshifter, seeking others of your kind in the heart of the city and facing strong adversity? The choice is yours.

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AUGUST 18th, 2008
Added some more profiles and fixed a few errors (I keep finding them. Ack) Okay need to get my cute little arse in gear and put up a Justicanal page that is a Cliff Notes version of what to expect this evening.  Also, must write a Challenge maybe that will get you guys writing away.  And will try to get the next 'newsletter' out by next weekend (I am in the process of packing up all of my worldly possessions to move in Sept, but the truck is coming on the 26th) As always, let us know if there is anything you would like to see or if you spot any glaring errors. I'd also like to congratulate Miss Emma for becoming the newest Power that...Is? Give her a hug. Cheers.


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