"Tomorrow night we'll take you out chasing deer."
"I thought you'd chase cars."
"What fun is that?  Cars don't bleed."
-- Daemon to a new werewolf

z LUCIEN  - Leader of the Shifters, Werewolf
z DOYLE  - Freki of Lucien's Wolves, Werewolf
z KEIL  - Nimir-Raj of the Cats, Werejaguar
z KHAN  - Legendary weretiger
z CHARLIE  - Professional Thief, Werecougar
z FRED  - Streetwise Rat

This Clan is definitely the most primal, consisting on the most part of weres. Ruled by Lucien Delacourte, the Alpha Male, this clan literally has the beats inside them, one that emerges with every full moon. Alhtough it is unknown how or why they came into being, they are the primals, coming before humanity, but after the other Chimaera. These half mortal, half beast creatures are also the most alienated because of this. They are constantly fighting for a place on the earth. But perhaps their struggle is about to end. Lucien is the closest to finding one of the fabled 'keys' that the myths keep talking about. Maybe opportunity is knocking and he's just about to let it in.

While technically part of the Chimaera, The Shapeshifters are nevertheless one of the most secretive and wily of all the clans/families. Although most of the Shapeshifters dwell and rule in Brooklyn, their influence of Power in Manhattan are clearly evident to anyone sensitive enough to see -- in the bohemian parts and obviously in the parks and less metal city parts of the city. And of course they are the most ‘human’ of all the Chimaera and are everywhere, unnoticed and unseen. This is their best weapon and defense.