"Evil is always possible. Goodness is a difficulty."
-- Anne Rice

z S O R R O W S  - The Big Bad
z R A E A N N E  - Clanless Kindred
z E D E N  - Lord of Sorrows and Gitanne Noblesse's Daughter
z M A K A R E I  - Clanless Kindred Assassin
z C A L I C O   J A C K  - Clanless Kindred *UP FOR ADOPTION*
z I N D I R A  - Clanless Succubus
z G O R M G H L A I T H  - Courtless Fey
z C A S C A  - Immortal Mercenary
z A L A S T O R - Clanless Shapeshifter (Shark)
'Without evil there can be no good.'

The Chimaera are not the only ones that inhabit NYC and the World. So do the Shadows or those creatures that are neither Chimaera nor human. They are the demons, the 'travelers' and the clanless. They are those who are outcasts and have yet to find a home. They answer to no one but themselves and are allies to none. Of course this doesn't always mean that they are 'evil', though a good deal of them have very flexible morals, if they have morals at all. There are always exceptions though. But never turn your back to them. They're Clanless for a reason.