You'd think the Fey wouldn't be superstitious especially about other Fey,
but they often are. My father said it came from knowing almost
nothing about any other Fey culture but the one we are born into. Ignorance breeds fear.
-- Merry Gentry

z M A E V E  - Queen of Air and Light
z L I L Y  - Maeve's Daughter UP FOR ADOPTION
z L A U R E L I N  - Seeress UP FOR ADOPTION
z R O H A N  - Captain of the Guard UP FOR ADOPTION
z L A U R A N A  - Maeve's Sister, Ian's Mother UP FOR ADOPTION
z IRIS  - Seelie Doctor

Faeries...Sidhe...Sith...The Alfar…whatever you want to call them are not the Tinkerbell we watched when we were kids. They’re real, are beautiful and can be very deadly. The Seelie Court are the more benign, stronger tendency to be good Fey. Though Good can be defined in a number of ways. Seelie Fey are much more likely to be inclined to working with others in constructive and beneficial ways. This does not mean that all Seelie Fey are happy-go-lucky, silly creatures who would do nothing to defend themselves or act against someone or something; but in almost all cases there has to have been a previous provocation or wrong that needs to be dealt with. All Fey of this group are ultimately allied under Queen Maeve, Queen of Air and Light.

The Seelie may not have their magical hands on the pulse of the modern financial world, but they still maintain enough power to pose a serious challenge. Maeve and her Court are steeped in Old Money and firmly plugged into the Old Boy's Network. They are also significantly in control of the more mundane and local systems of power such as the police, the courts, and politicians.

Never underestimate the Seelie Court.  For remember their clan motto : "The thorn arms the rose."

Death Before Dishonor
Chivalry is not dead. Honor is the most important virtue -- it is the source of all glory. Personal honor must not be stained. Sometimes nothing but one's own death can cleanse the mark of dishonor.

Love Conquers All
Love is the soul of Faerie. True love transcends all and is the perfect expression of what it is to be Seelie. Courtly, romantic love is considered the highest form of love, but familial love is pure as well. Anything is permitted in the name of True Love.

Beauty Is Life
Beauty is a timeless, objective quality that cannot be described, but is recognized whenever it appears. Beauty is the muse of creation, the ultimate flowering of the Dreaming. Once found, it must be protected. Many heroes have died protecting beautiful places, people and things. True beauty is eternal. Ugliness however is another story.

Never Forget A Debt
One gift deserves another. If you receive a gift, then you should give one. If you are subjected to a curse, then you should intone one. One oath of friendship deserves another. Never forget a kindness ... or a slight.