"Know that your world is a House of Abominations.
Turn and know your enemy."
-- Fitzcairn

z N E M E S I S  - Head of the Satinamuh
z F I T Z C A I R N  - Assassin for hire UP FOR ADOPTION
z A E R I N  - Satinamuh operative
z T A M I K O  - Nemesis's protégée
z I T H I O  - Hater of Chimaera
z D A N N Y  - Satinamuh Operative DECEASED

The Satinamuh are those humans, often immortal thanks to the graces of Selene and Seth that seek to destroy each and every creature that is not human by nature. The Chimera are a disgrace and a threat. They are inhuman and therefore deserve nothing more than death. Some alliances have been made between the Satinamuh and the Preternatural, but they are shaky and will be broken at the slightest provocation. There are more members of this faction than the ‘Others’ realize, which makes them a very real threat to all.

The city may be overrun by Chimaera, but the Satinamuh have come to rule the entire underworld beneath Manhattan and the Outer Boroughs. Nothing goes on below the streets that the Satinamuh do not know about, and all sane and reasonable Chimaera do not cross lightly into their territory. And that territory is quite large, indeed. New York's immense system of subways, sewers, and basements form their headquarters where they plot and scheme to rid the Earth of the unnatural beings called the Chimaera. Most Chimaera will not even ride the subway for fear of encountering one of the Hunters. . . .