For those of you who have not done PBeM before, here's what a typical post tends to look like. (Don't worry about the content its from another game) Just a heads up.

[Arnand] Attn: Council/Alexander  - Idle Threats (in subject heading of email.  This is the character, who the tag is for and the title of the post)

"Even when he was human he was bad, now that you've given him the Beast, it's just worse. I would just as soon see him put to Final Death as readmit him to this city."

*** The low and throaty growl of the Beast issued from Alexander. With his eyes turning from gray to crimson, he advanced on the Spanish priest but stopped himself before he reached him. "My Childer are not the only ones capable of Final Death, priest. Keep that in mind." *** (previous post, the post to which Arnand is answering to. not the whole passage, just enough to let Alexander and everyone else reading what is going on.)

A cold smile shone on Arnand's face when Alexander threatened. "Don't be so quick to make offers, Greek. Like you, I defend my young and I wasn't as easy to put down as you once thought." Still smiling, Arnand referred to the one time that Alexander and himself actually came to blows. And no surprise, it was over the youngsters. The negotiations had broken down and the posturing turned to veiled threats, then outright threats and finally, swords were drawn.