I am not a big one rules and it is my way or the highway sort of thing, but I do have a few for PM.  It makes for a better playing environment and everyone has a good time.  If you disobey the rules you will be warned and if you abuse them, then you will be kicked out of the city by the Triumvirate themselves.

The first and most important, No Flaming! Its not nice, itís disrespectful and I refuse to let it happen. You do itÖbuh bye and we get to torture your character into Final Death. This also goes for Chain letters and spamming, its just bad bad form.

In order to start playing Permanent Midnight, you first have to go sign up at where you sign up for the Permanent Midnight list. After thatís done, fill out the fun profile either here or send me all the info via e-mail. (Sometimes the muse isnít readily available so you have to mull about all the details of your split personality while offlineÖI understand this. Just send me an e-mail when youíre ready.) Basically I will ask you these:

Character Name:
Character Family/Clan:
Character Description--Physical, and Characteristics, History, Dirty little secrets, etc:
Merits/Flaws and Hand of Power:

If you want send me a picture of your character that all will see (e.g. Catherine Zeta Jones looks a hell of a lot like Gitanne Noblesse) or draw me one if youíre that creative, I am not however. Send this all to either me or my gods in crime, Seth or Simon. This profile *must* be approved by the list owners--this approval will come in the form of an e-mail *and* a message from yahoogroups confirming your addition to the list. You *must* send the profile to the list, before, you may begin playing. Please choose your Clan/Family wisely as I will not let you change who you are, so if you want to be a fey, great but Iím not going to let you go vampy all too easily. The only changes that will be made are humans to preternatural, or banishment from your family/clan. At any rate let me know if you plan on going all changey on me, as in embracing, scratching of someone or killing off someone, which can happen if a person shadows the game or is absent for too long.

Permanent Midnight is a modern day RPG for adults. Therefore, we will allow some adult language (though not excessive Eddie Murphy bad. Do not sound like some Trainspotting character, its boring), violence (cause its fun) and even sex (give a warning in the subject line if youíre going to get horizontal though eg: adult content or NC-17) This way those who do not want to read the post, do not have to. Basically, think of the game as being played on HBO. If you see it on the Sopranos or Rome, you'll probably see it here.

Permanent Midnight takes place in lovely New York City, though many of the characters may only be in the city due to recent events. Permanent homes may be in Italy, Canada, Scotland, etc and feel free to NPC those who are holding the proverbial forts. My point is make sure that when you role play with another character that you are in the same room let alone the same city, state and country. In other words there is no magical portal between NYC and LondonÖphones yes, extreme telepathy, yes, but no blinking to and from. Though it would be nice.

Continuing with the RPG basic rules, Main characters may not be killed off unless you have their express permission (e.g. tired of playing, you can bring them back, etc). But of course you must let us know if you intend to do such things. Itís a rule. Please follow it.

When replying to person, not only make sure that some of the original message (though only the bits you respond to, please) is in your reply (so everyone is not completely and utterly lost), but please put their name in the subject heading so they know to pay attention to your post. Because lets face it when you have 50 people playing, youíre going to get a lot of posts and you donít want to have to sort through each and every one if you donít have to. If you have a post that is vital for everyone as it is a vital plot line just put ALL at the end and weíll check it out.

Another very important rule: You may not role-play for other characters, without their permission. This includes writing dialogue for them, as well as writing actions for them. People have thought long and hard about their characters and no one should be able to undo all that hard work, by writing things that are completely off character. Prior knowledge does not include sending them your part two seconds before you send it to the list. A character must know well in advance if you are planning to role-play for them, and you must have their consent. However, though you may not be able to play for another character, you may however, act toward them. For example, Roarke may kiss Gitanne, however she does not necessarily have to kiss him back. Just as in life, you can not control what is done *to* you, but may control what you do in *reaction* to another's actions.

You are not all powerful and all knowing, cause it would just make the game boring. The only omniscient beings are Selene, Seth and Simon/a who are effectively gods in this case. They smite those who are being bad and make sure things donít get too off kilter. They also frequently add new plots to the game, so pay attention when they post. It might be important. Anyway, the point is if a plan is being formed by a rival faction, and youíre that rival, you donít know it. You also canít read thoughts, unless it is one of your attributes, so knowing all the secrets is a no-no. Also be nice when fighting with someone. Its great to be able to hit, kick, stab, shoot, etc an enemy, but give them a chance to react. Otherwise youíre just not playing fair and Selene and Seth might get on your butt about it. Which is not a good thing. Just think before posting people. Everyone is supposed to have fun, not just you.

E I G H T. F I V E
Remember that every other character has a player too. And with that player comes her own desire to have fun, and her own concept of where the story might lead next. Be flexible. Respect the game in progress. This means that your character shouldn't turn everything on its ear all of a sudden. Give other chars a chance to do their own role-playing. Don't "control" the situation. As in real life, most circumstances are beyond individual control and how you RP should reflect that.

I really donít like it when people just sit on the list and watch whatís going on. If you do it for too long then I will unsub you. Now I understand about exams, family vacations, crazy life in general, but if things get too hectic or youíre going to be gone for a bit, let us know so everyone can work around it. There is nothing more aggravating than having the person you are fighting with, talking with take a leave of absence for three weeks while you are stuck there waiting in the middle.

Time moves slowly in Permanent Midnight. A week may go by here in reality, but only an hour or two in NYC. Keep that in mind when you are traveling from place to place. This also means that there will not be some people on Tuesday and Wednesday, while everyone else is on Monday of the next week. If you are unsure of what time it is, ask. However, the time is posted on the website and should be fairly accurate. Watch the Selene and Seth posts if you are a shapeshifter or a vampire, they will tell you when the moon or sun is out. They will give you a warning, so your character can act appropriately.

Players are not allowed to have more than 3 (three) characters. Neris is not being unfair or anal, but it is hard to keep up with a lot of characters unless you have a lot of free time. Trust me I speak from experience. If your character is idle for too long they will take a nice vacation and get put up for adoption or killed off. Keeping that in mind, if you donít want to play anymore or life gets too busy and youíll be gone for a bit, let us know so we can act accordingly (kill, give an acceptable Ďoutí so that he/she may be played again, etc)

There are attribute, character, flaw rules. Go here to read them all.

All of Selene, Seth and Simon/aís decisions are final. Our game, our rules. Dispute them at your own risk. Plot points, characters are subject to change. It is your duty to check on the page every now and then to see what is going on and make sure youíre not breaking any rules. Remember, you are here to have fun! This is a form of recreation. You're supposed to be enjoying yourself. If you keep getting your character into messes that you don't enjoy, it's time to rework how you play your character. We want everyone to enjoy himself here. With that said, the parental like rules are done. See you in New York.