There are some mortals out there who are special. Some say they have been touched by the Chimaera while other insist they are using more of their brain as such abilities are supposedly innate. In either case they are unique individuals and essential in this current struggle. Here are a few abilities that some of these people have.

z ANIMAL PSI  - The ability to speak with animals
z ANTI PSI  - Talent used to cancel out other psionics abilities
z ASTRAL PROJECTION  - Psychic's spirit splits from his body allowing the sprit to travel freely
z BIOCONTROL  - Psychic controls bodily functions: blood flow, healing, pain resistance, etc
z CHANNELING  - Psychic can channel the abilities of the dead into herself giving her skills, talent, and knowledge
z CLAIRVOYANCE  - extend the senses far beyond their normal range to see and hear in other places
z MIND SHIELD  - The ability to protect ones mind from psychic attack (ie dominate, mind magic)
z PRECOGNITION  - Ability to see the future
z PSYCHIC HEALING  - The ability to heal other using the mind
z PSYCHIC HYPNOSIS  - Like hypnosis only better
z PSYCHIC INVISIBILITY  - Use mind to trick others into not seeing you
z PSYCHIC VAMPIRISM  - The ability to drain emotion or life force and converting it into energy for the psychic
z PSYCHOMETRY  - Allows psychic to read objects to see into the past and into the future.
z PSYCHOPORTATION  - The ability to teleport oneself over short distances
z PYROKINESIS  - The ability to produce fire
z SYNERGY  - The ability to link other psychics together
z TELEKINESIS  - Allows character to project her will and move objects with the power of thought. Aka Psychokinesis
z TELEPATHY  - The ability to read minds