Belladonna sounds so sweet, Pretty woman on the street
Pretty woman passing by, Pretty teardrops in her eye
Pretty poison is her cry, Belladonna watch you die

z G I T A N N E  - Queen, Mistress of the Beasts
z A S H E R  - Head Enforcer, Gia's Childe
z M E D E A  - Youngest daughter of Marius UP FOR ADOPTION
z D A R I A N  - Marius's sire and Noblesse Matriarch UP FOR ADOPTION
z A N T I G O N E  - Marius's middle daughter UP FOR ADOPTION
z M A R I U S  - Former King, DECEASED
z B R O N I C  - Noblesse Lawyer

The Noblesse Family is ruled by the elegant and dangerously beautiful Gitanne Noblesse who is Queen of Night and the ruler of the city and the council. Her family is an old one and though the Giovanni are the oldest, the Noblesse are the most powerful. With ties to the Fey and Magic, this highly organized, aggressive and intellectual family has the power to walk under the sun even after not feeding for days. This makes them a worthy adversary to any other faction. They also use magic more than any other clan. Gia and her clan are undecided on whether the wall should be breached between the worlds.

New York is their city as far as they are concerned…as far as Gitanne Noblesse is concerned. Thanks to Belladonna Industries that is based in the city, Gia owns more than half of the highly profitable businesses (she owned more before the other Chimaera arrived), mostly centering around the arts and entertainment industry. Nothing happens along the Museum Mile, Broadway, or at Lincoln Center that they do not know about. They prefer to haunt the Village, SoHo and TriBeCa, and have the most contact with the avant garde of the human and Chimaera art worlds. The Noblesse also control most of Long Island, a favored location for their personal mansions and havens. Long Island and the Hamptons are to some extent a Chimaera sanctuary, but in this day and age all rules are null and void. Gia is determined to not lose her influence here, no matter what means are necessary.

Once a very unified Clan, the Noblesse ruled the art world and the entertainment industry. But that was when Marius was still alive. Now the clan has been splitting into three cliques…those who honor and respect Gia, those who do not (‘ruled’ by Medea) and those trying to keep balance (Darian). Although Gitanne still presides as Family Head, there is little interaction between her and Medea except at formal gatherings. If this continues and Gia does not put Medea in her place, the clan could fall apart and with it their remaining power hold on the city.