Of course picking three does not mean they you do not understand any of these concepts or can do any of them, it just means that you excel at these three. And if you're mortal you get more, but I am sure you already know that.

AMBIDEXTROUS: Self-explanatory here. You are neither left-handed or right handed. You’re both. Comes in handy when they break your right hand so you cant fight or write. But hey you can do that with your other hand. Don’t let them know this though. (ANY)

ANIMAL: Without this Ability all animals will shy away from and/or act extremely uncomfortable in the presence of the Chimera in question. Under most circumstances a Creature without this ability will be unable to get an animal to do anything. (ALL CLANS)

ARCHERY: With this ability, archery is a strong suit and your arrow often hits its mark, if not always. (THE FEY or HUNTERS)

ATHLETICS: When a Clan member has this they excel and succeed when doing an athletic action such as jumping, throwing, swimming, etc. This is of course increased depending on what clan they belong to. (ALL CLANS)

AWARENESS: When a Clan member has this they have a heightened sense of awareness. They immediately know when something is amiss. (ALL CLANS, ESPECIALLY THE SATINUMAH AND ENFORCERS)

BLIND FIGHTING: Without this ability a Clan member cannot initiate any Physical related challenge if they are in complete darkness (Obtenebration, underground, heavy smoke) or have been blinded in some way. Under such circumstances they can only defend using passive Physical Traits (Tough, Stalwart, etc.) and may have difficulty performing even simple actions. Note that this only applies during a fight, and under more calm circumstances challenges may be initiated, albeit probably with a penalty. (ANY)

BUREAUCRACY: Using Influence, Politician concepts, anyone who would know how to work around the "system" (ALL CLANS, PARTICULARLY ONES OF NOBILITY)

CALM HEART: Instead of having a panic attack or letting emotions rule your actions, you have a calm heart when things get trying. In other words a clear head that makes fewer mistakes. (ANY)

CHARMED LIFE: In other words, the character gets a spooky feeling before something happens in game, thus giving him the chance to change his mind or rethink his strategy (ANY)

COMMON SENSE: Self explanatory. No rash decisions (ANY)

COMPUTER: Without this ability, you cannot hack into a computer at all and your knowledge is very basic (ALL CLANS)

CONCENTRATION: Self explanatory (ANY)

CRAFTS: Sculpting, painting, woodworking, metalworking, smithing, etc. (ALL CLANS)

DEMOLITION: If you do not possess this Ability, you cannot use or disarm explosives at all. (ALL CLANS)

DOUBLE-JOINTED: Self explanatory (ANY)

DRIVE: Although just about anyone can drive an automatic, this Ability denotes a talent in driving Getting away in a car chase, losing someone, tracking someone in a vehicle. (ALL CLANS)

ELECTRONICS: With this ability you have an advanced knowledge of electronics and can repair, make, use, etc. (ALL CLANS, ESPECIALLY TECHS, SATINAMUH)

EMPATHY: Investigators, psychic concepts; Detecting lies (PSI MORTALS, EXCLUSIVE CLAN MEMBERS I.O.W. ASK)

ENCHANTING VOICE: You have a very beautiful enchanting voice. When you speak, people listen, when you sing people feel enchanted as if it is the most magical thing they have ever heard. (ANY)

ENIGMAS: Gamers, puzzle-freaks, investigators, homicide detectives, detectives When attempting to figure out a puzzle or mystery. May indicate the character's "hunch" or problem-solving skills. (ANY)

ETIQUETTE: Sidhe, those with Political Connections, social elite, infiltrators (as a knowledge of the nuances), High Society contacts; Used in a social environment; dancing, haggling, seduction (Social) using Influence: High Society. Without this ability many faux pas may be committed while in court which could mean your life depending on who rules. (ANY)

FINANCE: A knowledge of all things financial has enabled you to be successful economically, stocks, other businesses. At least one member of a particular family must have this ability unless you are independently wealthy and have no business interests and an accountant who deals with your Swiss bank accounts. (ANY)

FIREARMS: Without this ability you only know a basic knowledge of said weapon. For example, if the safety is on, you may not know to take it off unless you have seen A LOT of action movies. (ANY)

FORTUNE TELLING: Any form of non-magical divination (ANY)

GREMAYRE: With this ability, a Fey has the ability to understand and decipher various things like feyan society, manners, court policies, various houses (families), glamour, etc. If you are Fey you must have this unless you are an outcast. (FEY)

HEARTH WISDOM: As opposed to the Occult Ability which accounts for hard facts, this Ability Trait represents knowledge of superstitions and folklore of human cultures and civilizations. (ANY, ESP MORTALS)

HERBALISM: Trolls, ghille dhu, "back-to-the-land" types, natural healers, homeopathic doctors, organic toxicologists, forensic scientists, earth-based religious practitioners should have this ability. Entails finding, creating or mixing herbal mixtures; detecting the presence of organic poisons (ANY)

HISTORY: Teachers, professors, slaugh Anything requiring knowledge of kine history, Feyan history, Cainite history, Were history, etc (ANY)

INTIMIDATION: Secure cooperation through coercion. (ANY)

JACK OF ALL TRADES: Only includes basic physical skills that one can perform with the hand as well as basic knowledges such as Bureaucracy, Finance, etc. (ANY)

KENNING: Any time a Fey wishes to detect Glamour in any form in the area save those who have a hand of glamour. (FEY, NOBLESSE)

LARCENY: Any illegal physical action such as pick pocketing, drugging drinks, etc. (ANY)

LAW: Nobles, lawyers, police officers, private investigators, lay people with knowledge of human law. Very useful when arguing a case in human courts which is bound to happen if you are Chimera. (ANY)

LEADERSHIP: This is a must for any Council chair, or leader of a particular clan/family. (ANY)

LINGUISTICS: Additional languages other than English and that of your Clan/Family. Without this you know only those. (ANY)

LAWS OF THE EAST: When used by humans (not ghouls), this represents knowledge of the mythological aspect of supernatural creatures at low levels increasing with fact the higher the Ability. If used by a supernatural creature, it shows a knowledge of one's own species or rudimentary knowledge of others. Each type must be taken separately. (ANY)

MARTIAL ARTS: With this ability you excel in the martial arts field, and are considered a master in said forms. Character must declare style upon taking it: "hard", "soft" or "weapon". Player can also know more than one type  Hard: Karate, tae kwon do, kickboxing, and many kung fu forms. Soft: Other kung fu forms, aikido, judo, jujitsu, tai chi chuan…pressure points, nerves to lock and paralyze an enemy. Weapon: A single specific type must be declared. Opponents cannot block with studied weapon unless they have a blocking, martial art trait as well. (ANY)

MEDICINE: Ability to heal, knowledge of most clan physiology, Properly collecting blood or storing of blood requires this Ability (ANY)

METAPHYSICS: Satinamuh and Mortals only (all you supernatural types already most of this stuff) (SATINAMUH)

MYSTERIOUS GUARDIAN: Someone is watching over you and protecting you. For what reasons you have no idea. They can be Chimera, human highers ups, etc. (ANY)

OCCULT: Represents a certain facility to acquire hard facts as opposed to folklore. (ANY)

OCCULT LIBRARY: You have an extensive knowledge of all things occult and many important books. This could be in your favor or against, depending which tomes you may have and who wants their arcane knowledge. (ANY)

PERFORMANCE: Singing, dancing, writing, artistic creations, etc. (ANY)

POLITICS: Nobility, Council Heads, those with Political Influence, politicians, etc. Politics; determining who's on top in the political hierarchy of the local government and how they got there, etc. (ANY)

PSYCHOLOGY: Used to show a certain knowledge of the workings of the mind. (ANY)

REPAIR: Without this ability you will not have the ability to repair complex things. (ANY)

RITUAL KNOWLEDGE: Whenever attempting to "remember" something about magic rituals. Or attempting to perform said rituals. (ANY)

SCIENCE: Physics, astronomy, biology, electronics, chemistry, etc. (ANY)

SECURITY: Enforcers and Captains of the Guard must have this, as do the Sluagh. Self explanatory. (ANY)

SEDUCTION: The perfect pheromone cocktail is something you possess, you can seduce any sex, any race with ease. Your charms are irresistible. (ANY)

STEALTH: You can move unnoticed even past the most eagle eyed of beings unless they have a hand of power which is used for this.(ANY)

STREETWISE: You know what gangs rule what sides of town, you know your way around the city, short cuts, little known facts, etc. (ANY)

SUBTERFUGE: When attempting to lie, hide your own motives, tricking others into telling you something they normally wouldn't. As opposed to Empathy which is used to determine the lie. (ANY)

THROWING: When needing precision - you know how to throw, let alone hold, a throwing knife. Can also be used to determine the balance and quality in thrown weapons. Can be used to stake a vampire from a distance! (ANY)

TIME SENSE: Like having an internal clock, you know what time it is, when it is close to sundown or sunrise, when there will be a full moon, etc. (ANY)

TORTURE: Self explanatory (ANY)

P.S. Feel free to add if there is something you do not see here. I am sure I have missed a lot. On the most part they will probably be okay with me.