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Located in an old Queen Anne Victorian in Brooklyn, the Painted Veil is a tattoo/piercing parlor that caters to both mortal and Chimaera alike.  It is also the home of Ilyria, a seer from the Talamasca. Get a tattoo and your fortune read all at the same time.

The main floor of the house is where Jade, Frankie, JB, Kel and Tori do their best work.  There are plenty of places to sit and browse through the design catalogs.  What used to be the dining room, separated by a curtain of beads, is where the actual piercing and inking is done.  There are several chairs, tables and the latest in equipment.  Refreshments are available, but only if you ask.  If you are lucky maybe they will even feed you.

The Painted Veil has everything from Indonesian tribal designs, Celtic knot wards, voodoo veves and Native American totems.  However, the majority of the designs in the huge black binders at the counter and the dozens of examples framed around he place are your traditional magical symbols.

The books are divided into categories and then levels.  Some tattoos are for protection with specialties for cuts and abrasions, blood loss, fire damage, head trauma, poison, and even mental defenses.  There are also a good deal of offensive spells as well with tattoos that could improve your vision, enhance your hearing (a snow leopard tattoo can aid a bearer in moving silently the way a spider tattoo can help weave a glamour or illusion), and do a whole lot of nasty things to your enemies.

Not everyone can get just anyone of these 'special' or enhanced tattoos though.  What kind and how many you can have depends on your level of magical ability and innate energy every living thing possesses.  The images draw their power partly from the natural world, but they also feed off of a person's magic and energy.  Too many 'strong' tattoos and you might find yourself in a coma after they go active as they are going to draw on your own energy before they seek other sources.  And if they do seek another source remember that balance has to be maintained and sometimes the results aren't what you would expect.

The tattoos also tend to have a mind of their own, especially the living ones (like a spider, snake, wolf, cat, lizard, etc) and some bearers say that they on occasion move positions on the body.  And what you may perceive not as a threat, they might.  Magic, as always, is highly unpredictable.

Also be prepared to spend a tidy sum on these creations.  Its not just ink.

The Veil is all about safety first and only uses autoclave sterilized materials and needles every time.  Designs can be chosen from the books, brought in or custom designed. Customers must be 18 or older, or have parental permission.

If it is more than body art that you are looking for, Ilyria is your girl.  For a reasonable fee the seer will tell your fortune, but beware it is not always pretty.

The Painted Veil is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 8pm.  Off hour appointments can be scheduled if arranged in advance. Cash only.

Owner: Ilyria Moresca
Age: 46 (13 lifetimes)
Looks like: Lena Olin
History, Personality: Ilyria learned early on to have a healthy sense of humor because if you couldn’t laugh at the things you saw they would haunt you.  A seer really doesn’t want that much baggage…ever.  However her acerbic wit is a bit more tame than her good friend Olesia.  Sarcasm and all, she is a bit of a softie when it comes down to it and will try to help any who come to her if she can.  A bit of a music nut she also believes that all problems can be solved by listening to the right music.  Her favorite and the most played – The Beatles and The Who.