(Photo Left) Guest Room with frescoes by Cesare Baglione representing grotesque motifs (1580). The furniture is from the XVI or XVII century.

When High Unseelie King Roarke Bellemorte is not residing in the Sithin below his nightclub, Entropy, as few are supposed to know of its existence, the High King uses a simple three story walkup as his home here in NYC. His estate has prospered like its owner and King. Located in Hell's Kitchen, it lies close to both the Seelie Court and his obsession...Gia Noblesse as well as near the heart of the city and Central Park. A rough exterior may be on the outside, but inside it is amazingly beautiful.

When you first enter through the large double doors emblazoned with beautiful Celtic knotwork, you walk through a large foyer decorated with some of the most beautiful paintings and sculptures ever created. Much of it is Celtic inspired.

One of guest's favorite rooms in the house is the Sitting Room. A most imposing room, the State Sitting Room's paneled walls are hung with 17th century Mortlake tapestries.

The gardens of the estate are extensive and breathtaking in their nature. Roarke has spared no expense to create an ethereal masterpiece of flowers, shrubs and trees that reach a full city block, though glamoured to look like another set of buildings that have somehow never been occupied. A small labyrinth flanks the outer edge of the gardens and a fountain lies within the very center of it.