La Tristesse is the cityís most notable S+M club and itís most tasteful, if not a bit terrifying. The interior of the club is rich and sumptuous, velvets, lace and soft lines. The floor is marble, the lighting subtle. The main floor of the club is a lounge/nightclub  where those who are less adventurous may enjoy the fetish side of NYC without delving too deeply.  Clientele is selective though, even for the night club.  A dress code is strictly enforced as is expected behavior.

La Tristesse is where people can relax, not be hassled and not be judged. The Lounge area of La Tristesse is the only area that humans are allowed unless they are a Blood Doll. The music tends to be atmospheric - Delirium, Enigma, Deep Forest, Clannad and the like.  This area is for socializing only, Le Chambre is for play.

If you are adventurous enough to leave the main area of the club, you pass the Curtain, and are led to the area below.  This is where the fantasy begins and where the fantasies are fulfilled, no matter how depraved they might be.  The ceiling is high vaulted and shines with the glamours of whatever the club owners wish for that day (night sky, sunsets, frescoes, etc)  Le Chambre, also known as the main floor, is sunken and is surrounded on three sides by seating.  The floor is sprinkled with drains throughout and above the floor to the right and left are two cages suspended in midair that routinely hold men and women. Doorways to many of the more private viewing areas also surround Le Chambre. Shows are performed here nightly, voyeurism is appreciated and it is not always for the faint of heart.  In fact the faint of heart need not go to La Tristesse.  A bar lines the back wall and all types of drinks are served here, chilled or warmed.

The doors encircling the outside of Le Chambre lead to more private spaces.  All rooms are soundproofed and some have viewing areas, but not all.  Each room has a theme and each a variety of devices and costumes.  Pain is Pleasure after all. Here you can indulge your darkest fantasy and not be punished for it, though more mundane fantasies like teacher/Student at a replica of a school room are also indulged. 

La Tristesse is housed in an old, non-descript building in lower Manhattan.  The Club's logo, an eye with a stylized tear, is the only thing on the outer doors.  Parking is in the front and a valet service is available.  The employee parking lot is behind the building and the back entrance is guarded religiously, in fact only those who work there or know of its existence can navigate through the glamour masking it.  Only the most elite guests are able to enter from this entrance.

+ Mind your manners.
+ No last names, this helps protect those who prefer anonymity.
+ If a submissive comes in unattended, their word is law over their person.  When they say no, no one is allowed to force themselves.  If they say yes, anything can be done unless the safety is invoked.
+ If a submissive comes in with a dominant, the dominant's word goes.  If a dominant says yes, even if the submissive says no, anything is allowed.  If the dominant says no, even if the submissive says yes, nothing can be done.
+ While torture is allowed, permanently maiming or killing is illegal.  If you are caught doing such things you will be killed.
+ While sex in the club is allowed, though frowned upon, sex is not allowed in the main area of the club, only behind the Curtain. Any patron caught having sex or engaging in sexual activity will be punished duly.

Owned by Belladonna Industries
Managed by Daemon Petrelli