In the heart of Central Park lies an ancient temple.  It is both Chimaeran and mortal in architecture with echoes of the Egyptian pyramids, Greek temples, Mayan empire, ancient Chimaera and more.   Eldritch flame of bright blues and red are alight around the perimeter of the temple. It is inscribed with ancient human tongues and that of the Chimaera.  If you look closely you will notice that some of these inscriptions change while others have remained still.  There is no entrance unless the temple wants you to enter.   The temple also acts as NYC's own little Bermuda Triangle.  If a plane flew overhead, its instruments would go haywire, things of that sort. But it also messes with Chimaera. If you are not careful and you have your guards down, it will use you. The longer you are exposed, the more it will make you its puppet. It feeds off of Chimaera’s hands of powers, it whispers hints because it wants to be opened. It wants all the keys to be found in fact.

Currently it is being monitored by scientists, the media, curious citizens and many of the Chimaeran nations.

If you are lucky to be granted access your journey has only begun.  Whispers roam the maze of corridors, corridors that change at will and lead souls to dead ends or worse.  Some say if you are in one Temple that you have access to the others as well.  Hidden traps, colorful mosaics and the promise of so much lie within the temple walls.  In the main anteroom, massive in its size (far larger than it should be) lie statutes of many things, some known and some unknown.  On the walls are the tales of things that have come to pass and will pass.   A large altar dominates one wall it too covered with ancient Chimaeran and mortal writing.

On the floor are thirteen concentric circles with strange glyphs inside each.  Once a key is found, the glyph will burn a bright red and when it is activated it will burn with an unseen fire as other inscriptions flare to life within the circle. In the thirteenth, twelve and eleventh circles more glyphs have appeared and the circles are rotating (think 13 ghosts).  If one were to decipher these glyphs they would discover the prophecies about Rhais' Skull, Wendigo's Paw, and of the child born of Fire.  Something stirs in the center of the circles. Something is coming.