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Shades is in the part of New York that has two names. Polite: The Riverfront, Not so polite: The Blood Quarter. It is the cityís biggest Kindred commercial district and a very big tourist attraction. Shades, a very seedy bar that has become trendy despite its efforts to be the opposite, happens to be smack dab in the middle.

Itís definitely not the swanky places that most of the Chimaera frequent. There are no velvet chaise lounges, or expensive fabric draped everywhere. And the crowd doesnít come in designer gowns and Armani suits. It is all dark glass and beer signs in the windows outside and inside... It is actually a converted warehouse, with walls of chain link fence separating the different areas, a smattering of tables and stools, and a large stage at the far end overlooking a massive dance floor.

Most of the time it is frequented by a shadier crowd, hence the name and its owner/bartender Frankie is proud of that fact. It is here where deals go down, products are exchanged and information given. And miraculously the cops haven't closed the place down...yet.

Shadesí crowd at one time was largely blue collar working class, though recently a lot more ties have been seen. The food menu is lacking unless you consider bar snacks food, but Shades has never been known for its food. The bar serves all types of beers as well as hard liquor and wine. Donít ask for anything non-alcoholicÖ.you wonít get it. Shades is a smoking friendly bar. Donít like it, donít come. Local rock acts often play the small venue on Friday and Saturday nights. Wednesday night the crowd is largely bikers and rougher types with Thursday being ladies night. No one under 21 is permitted. RULES:
- Donít start stuff in bar. Outside is a different story.
- Do not complain about anything, Frankie doesnít care and heíll probably kick you out.