Scheherazadeís is not only Seleneís private Sanctuary for all creatures whether they be Chimaera or human though it is Chimaera that frequent it, but it is also where she, Seth and Simon reside when they are in corporeal form.

Scheherazadeís has a distinct look on the outside, most resembling a Roman gothic stadium with torches on top of a wall surrounding a courtyard with a warming fire in the middle.  The structure is unmistakable compared to the shining towers of steel and glaring neon and yet it is revered very much like St. Patrickís Cathedral as it has always seemed to be there.  Very few have met the proprietors, but itís reputation as being one of the only true Safe Haven in the city in known throughout.

Each room of the three floors of Scheherazadeís has a theme all itís own and a purpose as well.  In total there are 8 rooms with a private residence on the top floor.  The main area of the club, that being the room you first step into when you arrive is the restaurant and bar.  The colors are deep reds and purples with flowing fabric hanging everywhere.  The cuisine is eclectic and it is doubtful that you'll see the same thing twice on the menu as it changes daily.

Once you are done eating, you may retire to one of the seven other areas of the club. Three of them are dance clubs (the music style changes with the day of the week), the other four include a library, a meditation room, a spa and a small theatre.  The top floor is of course the Triumvirate's home.  Each has their own space and their own style and are far larger than the "space" should allow.

Selene's residence looks as if you have stepped into an old Roman villa: columns, mosaics, reflection pools, and more.  She even has a few pet peacocks.  The most dominant features are the extra large circular bed (enough to fit 7 comfortably), an old roman bath (also able to accommodate the previously mentioned 7), and her scrying pool which is in the center of the residence.  Seth's residence on the other hand is very modern and includes the best of the best of all the current technology.  It is also very very male.  Simon rarely uses his residence and only includes the things he feels he needs at the time.

There are no real lines at Scheherazadeís.  Simply tell your name to the doorman and if you are meant to be there, your name will be there.  If not, you will wait with the rest of those who wish to enter the club for a nightís enjoyment.