This local pub is only a few doors down from Natalie Talamasca’s home.  It’s been a neighborhood and city fixture for years and for good reason.  Atmosphere is extremely casual and the owner Sean wouldn’t have it any other way.

Patrons can stop on in and have a bite to eat on the menu or a drink from the bar. Seating includes booths along the walls, tables in the center as well as stools lining the bar.  There is a pool table if you feel the need to play, a couple of dart boards and a jukebox that plays nothing but music Sean can tolerate (no rap or top 40 here, same goes with country...expect the Pogues, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly and sorts like that)  There are a couple of televisions available behind the bar and a big screen on one of the walls that is forever tuned to ESPN.  Secretly one of the televisions behind the bar is always tuned to Passions in the early afternoon, though Sean will insist it is for the female lunch crowd.

The food ranges from burgers to wraps, to fire roasted pizzas  and if you’re lucky one of Sean’s famous soups which are the only things that Sean cooks.  He leaves the rest of the cuisine for Anthony, his cook.  Guinness, Bud, Bud Light and Fosters are on tap with a wide range of world beer’s on bottle.  He also has quite a few Chimaera specialties, but they won’t be on any menu (it's more of a you ask, he may give kind of deal).  McCafferty’s is a full bar so go ahead and try one of Sean’s concoctions.

Everyone is welcome in the bar, especially Talamasca, probably because of his soft spot for Natalie who not only lives down the street, but who is also a regular fixture.  Sean lives in the apartment above the bar so he pops in and out.  Most of the time he’s behind the bar just in time for Passions and until closing time.

Bartenders and Cooks (May be NPCd as Needed)

Age: 43
Ht: 6’0
Wght: 180
Looks like:  Hugh Laurie

History:  Sean is a direct descendant of the Merlin.  Yep, that Merlin.  So he’s actually a fairly good hedge wizard, but don’t expect to see any magic while you are in the bar.  He rarely uses it.  Don’t ask why because he sure as hell will not tell you.  But the power and knowledge is there if he needs it and few have ever tried to see if he is bluffing. The pub has been in the family for generations and eventually it will go to Sean’s son Angus, don’t ever call me that or die, who has always just been known as Mac. Currently Mac is finishing his PhD in Cultural Anthropology and living with the dragons of Northern India.

Sean is a friendly guy, with a biting wit and plenty of sarcasm.  Some might call him misanthropic at times, but its all a façade. He looks after his patrons, though he would deny it if you ask him.  There is absolutely no fighting in his bar and if you start one he will collectively kick your ass.  Also he frowns on any business dealings.  McCafferty’s is a place to relax, not a place to plot for plotting leads to trouble. Sean’s wife died 10 years ago to cancer and for the past few years Julie, one of the waitresses and Natalie have been trying to set him up with someone new.  So far with no luck.  Of course that doesn’t mean Sean’s not interested, they just haven’t managed to find someone brave enough to deal with his temperament.

Occupation:  Cook
Age: 34

History:  Anthony has been working for Sean since he was eighteen when Sean pulled him in off the streets and gave him a job.  First he was a busboy/janitor, eventually he became the new cook.  Anthony is wisecracking and good-natured and him and Julie are the few people that can appreciate Sean's sometimes biting humor.  They know he's just a giant teddy bear inside.

Occupation: Head Waitress
History:  She's been working for Sean for a little more than 5 years.  She loves the place...she makes great tips, loves the people she works with and it is close to home.  Julie is telekinetic, though do not expect to see levitating glasses.  She prefers doing things the old fashioned way.