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If there is one club that the good people of New York should stay away from, it is Entropy. Owned by the Unseelie Clan, this club is everything the dark Fey want in entertainment which of course tends to be the darkest in nature. And its reputation tends to keep all but the Chimaera out of it. The only humans that tend to be inside are those that work there, ones that are as dark as its creators are or ones that tend not to leave again.

Just inside the doors is a hallway where a set of bouncers rests. Another door leads to the club itself and is also guarded by two bouncers. The main area of the club is immense, stretching out and out into the darkness. Patrons can sit at square stone tables that look suspiciously like sacrificial altars. The ‘stage’ takes up most of the area, is centered smack dab in the middle of the club and looks suspiciously like the cross section of an old temple. When the stage is not used by the performers, it is used as the club’s only dance floor. The bar is near the door and extends most of the length of the club. The décor is minimal, mainly in reds and blacks. If you look close enough you will notice that the walls are painted with scenes of entropy otherwise known as chaos. The floor and ceiling are the only places not covered by these dark scenes and are made of simple black tiles.

Just above the main floor are the private booths accessed by one of two curving black steel staircases at either end of the club. At the very center of the first floor are railings so that customers can watch the show on the stage and a narrow aisle between the booths and railing for the waitresses and patrons to navigate. These booths are a little more comfortable than the furniture downstairs being made up of black velvet and less angular. Each booth is separated from the next by an obsidian wall on the left and right and transparent crimson curtains on the area opposite the wall so each sits in it's own little alcove. There is one area that is not covered by booths and is instead bathed in soft lights, and open. It is piled high with cushions, pillows and fabric and tends to be where those more amorous customers and exhibitionist in nature tend to dwell.

On the second floor is Roarke Bellemorte’s office. Accessed through a hidden freight elevator in the back hallway of the club, which also leads to the bathrooms, this is where Roarke runs his world and where he tends to be most of the time.

Coming to New York 60 years ago, the Unseelie were hard pressed to find a place to call their own. While Roarke and the Clan had considerable wealth, much of it was in raw gold and jewels. Not something that would pass for normal U.S. currency. Not only that but Marius Noblesse, his clan and other Kindred like him ruled the North American shores especially New York and the East Coast. Prejudice against the Chimaera, Unseelie in particular, was very high. Buying land, even when enough money had been offered, was very difficult. Finally finding a run down warehouse close to the river, Roarke and company created a place to call their own. The whole Clan pitched in to make it a place they could assemble, party, plot and unwind. The outside of the building was barely touched, making the place seem like it was still a run down, abandoned warehouse. On the inside, the dark space was made to look like the clubs that the Unseelie had been visiting in the mortal world. During the construction much magick was expended by the Clan and Roarke in particular. It drained all who donated but it was thought to be a worthy effort and the Clan gave selflessly.

One dark evening, as replacement rafters were being hoisted into place, a cable snapped. Talking to a pair of quarrelling Ogres on the floor below was High King Roarke. The plummeting beam was dropping fast and the King realized it too late. A nearby female Drow with the Hand of Celerity leapt into action and pushed her King clear of the falling beam, effectively taking his place. The beam crushed the beautiful Feyan girl and she lay in a pool of her own blood gasping for air. Roarke knelt by her side and caressed her silver white hair as she lay dying. It was then that she whispered her last request. She begged her King to take her life and infuse the club with her essence. Reluctantly, Roarke agreed. With a sacrificial dagger, Roarke plunged into the dying Fey as he recited the proper ritual. Dark magick crept about the building as Roarke pulled forth the heart of the brave young Drow and there, among the assembled Clan, Entropy was born. The club was given the name of the young Feyan girl who had given her life to save the High King. Entropy's body was laid to rest in an ornate stone sarcophagus beneath the club.

It took months for the results to finally show but it was soon realized that Entropy was no normal club. She was alive. Broken fixtures repaired themselves, nightly messes left until morning proved to clean themselves, annoying patrons slipped on stairs as a plank became loose and then mysteriously tightened themselves and brawl damage to the structure ended up being repaired without workers. Soon, everyone who came to Entropy knew that they had not lost a Clanmate. She had just changed "bodies". That was almost fifty years ago and Entropy has watched and learned much over the decades. Some nights, King Roarke could be found sitting drunk and just "talking" with her. It has been properly conjectured that Entropy "knows" more Clan secrets than any other being on the planet. She is a loyal Clanmate of the Unseelie just as any other. Because of the magick pumped into the building before and after she was transferred, Entropy is one of the most powerful Sithin's on any plane or dimension known to the Chimaera.

Beneath Entropy lies the Unseelie Sithin, an entire world beneath the bustling club. Entropy and her former home are still very connected.

Merits: Awareness, Empathy (Feels the mood of the crowd and changes the club to represent this), Kenning
Flaws: Addiction (regular donations of Roarke's Vitae), Higher Purpose (To keep her patrons safe), Loyalty (Roarke first and any Unseelie next)
Hand of Power: Glamour (The interior of the club changes constantly. Not drastically but enough for even a regular to notice that things are different from visit to visit)

Below Entropy you walk through a long hallway and suddenly it becomes more than a hallway.  You can smell the earth, feel a soft breeze and sense the essence of Faerie.  The walls suddenly are no longer that of painted wood and concrete, but of something else.  This is where the Unseelie live, but it is more than a collection of rooms and chambers. You will find vast fields within, and gardens of unearthly delight. The locations of the rooms change as do doorways, corridors and walls for the sithin is alive.  But there are a few rooms that remain in the general vicinity of where they should always be:  The Throne Room, The Garden, and The Temple.  For more information on sithins, please go to the glossary.