Located in South Harlem lies Citadel Towers, a 40 story glass and steel monstrosity that spears upward to the sky, like a giant finger pointing an accusing finger to the heavens. Owned entirely by Dominic Diablo, the top 10 floors house the Main Regional Office of for Citadel Industries. It is from this fortified stronghold that Dominic Diablo rules his fiefdom. The ground floor is shared by Chinatrust Banking Corporation and Starbucks. Large mayan stone reliefs decorate the lobby, accented by the glass and waterfall walls, break the feeling of being in a corporate building. Several glass walled elevators, capable of holding up to thirty people at a time are constantly in motion, bringing people to and from work, while at the same time giving them a beautiful view of the skyline as they zoom up and down the tower. The other floors are occupied by a conglomerations of businesses, ranging from computer software security to lawyers to firearms. The below-ground level is assigned for parking of the thousands of people working at the tower. Guards patrol each level to make sure there are no thefts or suspicious people lurking about. Also, most of the parking area is well lit. To prevent any car-bombs, each vehicle is inspected by security as it enters, along with bomb-detection dogs. Also, there is an anti-car ram that can be raised near the entrance in case of an emergency to denied entrance. Security is tight and very controlled.

On the lower floors, armed guards patrol the perimeter, with bomb-sniffing dogs. Literally hundreds of cameras cover the entire building, including the ventilation shafts and the elevators. All occupants must wear their company id at all times, while visitors would be issued special passes. Each id has a special chip inside it, which shows the security team where they are at all times. Ids have access to certain areas only, an unauthorized access will have guards arriving within minutes. Persons found without ids will be detained for questioning. On the top floors, security is even tighter. Guards are armed with fully automatic rifles and are issued kelvar protection. All the windows on the top floor are shatter-proof anti-bomb windows and heavily tinted so as no natural sunlight can pass through. The air-conditioning is separated from the one for the lower floors, and is filtered heavily. Express elevators bring employees to and from the area. Aside from ids, employees are subjected to retina scan and are made to change into sterile suits before entering the work environment. X-ray machines and metal detectors make sure no foreign objects enter or leave the premises without Dominicís knowledge. Officially, Citadel Industries main product is the research and development of munitions, thus all the security. What people do not know is that on the 38th and 39th floor, were the laboratories of Dr. Ludwig. No one is allowed on that floor, except Dominic and a few chosen people.

The 40th floor is the palatial home of Dominic Diablo and is usually where he could be found if he wasnít at home. Most of the business is run from there and has all the creature comforts anyone could want. Aside from the immense electronic and security system, there was also a state-of-the-art communication array, to allow Dominic contact with his people all over the world. The office is mutely lit and carpeted in soft earth tones that Dominic favors. His desk is a massive oak table which has an antique feel to it. Not surprising, since he made the table with own two hands early in his career. A lot of business papers are scattered on top of it along with some pictures of his wife. A bank of phones to his right await his use any time of the day. On one wall rested a wet bar that contained every known alcoholic beverage known to man and some only known by Chimera. A section of the room is assigned as the entertainment area. The giant wall television is ready to show any show that would interest Dominic, as well as play any of the thousands of movies he has in storage. At a touch of a button, soft palatial music will play from hidden speakers scattered all over the room. The main crowd drawer however was the built to scale model of New York City on the table near the wall. Each building was detailed in minute, loving detail. It was from here that he plotted his moves and counter-moves. There was also a large swimming pool area on the north side of the building. As well as a Jacuzzi and spa. This floor is connected to the helipad on the roof and to the express elevator to the garage. Several guards are present, but discretely not seen. Dominic kept a group of four female secretaries, here on this floor. All their wants taken care by his staff of competent underlings. They have been provided with quarters and every amenity they would need. They have been screen and vetted by my security team. Theyíre task is to be available at anytime, to take care of notes or research certain things for Dominic, and on occasion be his partner to various dinner engagements when his wife was not available. Of course, keeping in line with Dominicís eye for beauty, all of them are beautiful and exotic. They do not know that he is Kindred, and are each secretly hoping that he would leave his wife for them. On occasion, one or more of them will leave his service, Dominic gives them a generous compensation package.

There is an express elevator, which takes Dominic to the lower levels, what he quaintly calls the Abyss. The ground level parking stops 10 floors below ground level. Beyond that, you have to take an express elevator from the upper floor. There is no other access way into the area. The lower floors are the sleeping quarters of the Riders and any Shadows that sign up under Dominicís banner. It is also where Dr. Feelgood once resided, experimented and had his fun. It is now run by someone else. It once also held the Lord of Sorrows who had been kept fit by the steady supply of victims that Dominic had generously provided for him. It is also the holding area for some of Dominicís enemies and their lackeys. It is a fully functioning dungeon from which Ludwig or Seth could extract information that Dominic needed. Dominicís crypt is on the lowest floor and is heavily guarded by all sorts of sensors and anti-intrusion devices. Some of which include, motion-sensor machine-guns, pressure-plate triggered gouts of flame, electrified walls, and spikes on floor and ceiling. Dominic is paranoid about security and is the only one who can safely enter this region. Only his wife knows his true lair.