This club of the hour is centered around what used to the Olympic size pool of an old health club. On the shallow end is a large stage where local and big name acts play or the DJ spins his tunes. In the deep end is the large bar where the bartenders are legendary. The rest is a massive dance floor.

Two levels of private rooms and tables circle the perimeter where club goers can take a break or watch the action on the dance floor from above. There are also two private areas towards the rear of the club, one is a very exclusive bordello of sorts where those who have a taste for Feyan companionship can go…for they say once you have had a Fey, there is no going back. And the other is a small restaurant that caters to those with a more A+, B- sort of palate.

The entire club is a bit disorienting at first with loud colors, flashing lights and undulating bodies where ever you turn. Some say it reminds them of an acid trip. Maybe that’s why it is called Delirium. It is very high class though and is not uncommon for patrons to put their names on the list weeks before they plan on attending. After all this where many of the Chimaera ‘stars’ hang out and every mortal in the area flocks to come catch a glimpse of them. Above the dance floor Delirium has a system that dispenses oxygen at -10 degrees to keep the sweat level down.

Bartenders/Bouncers/Etc (May be NPCd as Needed)

Age: 32
History:  Davis is the manager of Delirium and a Talamscan Air Witch. He may act and look like a push over, but I wouldn't recommend it. He runs all avenues of Delirium with a very efficient hand. After all, it is what he gets paid for.