Modeled after the ‘Divine Comedy’, it has nine different areas on five different floors, each with a theme corresponding to one of Dante Aligheri’s nine circles of Hell.  Owned by Quincy Giovanni, it was meant to be a hotspot that catered to both mortal and Chimaera.  For mortals, they can go to a ‘Chimaeran’ nightclub and there are enough ‘kitschy’ (see a real live satyr)  things to make it a tourist destination.  For Chimaera, the club has enough offerings to make them happy as well in some of the more private areas of the club.  Because the club is owned by the Giovanni, it is also neutral territory.

Visitors enter through a set of iron gates decorated with writhing statues and the infamous phrase ‘Abandon hope all ye who enter here’.  Housed ironically in what used to be an old gothic cathedral, Quincy has both modified and added to the architecture to suit his needs.   Most of the club lies below the surface as it should be, but the magnificence of the old cathedral is not to be missed.

The layout of the club is fairly logical, though due to the many staircases and hidden areas it can also be a bit of a maze for the unwary.  Luckily there are enough bouncers and helpful workers to escort you to where you want to go.

First Circle: Limbo (The ground floor of the club where the entrance, coat check and other necessities lie.  There is also a small art gallery and coffee shop and of course a gift shop for all of those wanting a souvenir of your night.  Concerts and plays have been known to be held due to the wonderful acoustics of the old cathedral.

Second Circle: Lust  (One of two dance clubs lies on the lower first floor.  With a stunning laser system, the room is overlooked by 2 succubus statues surrounding a 4.5 meter projection screen. The music is loud, continuous and varies from evening to evening, but expect mostly dance.  It is where those overcome with lust were punished after all.  Dress code is strictly enforced.  No jeans and t-shirts.  The club is worked by Satyrs (both real and fake, can you tell the difference?)

Third Circle: Gluttony (Naturally this is where the restaurant, Cerebus is located, on the floor below Lust.  The Décor is dark and yet atmospheric with ‘rain’ fountains lining the walls and a giant statue of Cerebus in the center of the room.  Chef Dominic serves both traditional and more exotic cuisines if you are willing to pay the price.   The Desert menu is of course quite extensive.)

Fourth Circle: Greed (Next to the restaurant Cerebus lies Avarice, the cigar lounge and upscale sports bar.  Cigars from all across the world can be bought and smoked within.   Of course if you are gambler, this is also the place to be as the five large screens are constantly playing the most popular sports games around the world. There are also three large conference rooms towards the back where business meetings can be held).

Fifth Circle: Sloth (Styx is an exclusive spa during both the daylight and evening hours where the sin of sloth is to commended.  Relaxation is of course the key.)

Sixth Circle: Heretics (Heretics is the other dance club at Aligheri’s.  Located next to Seventh Circle, this club is for Chimaera only.  Like Lust music tends to be loud and consist of beats you can dance to though you will find more world music here.  Here Chimaera can enjoy an evening without being mobbed by the Chimaera-struck upstairs.)

Seventh Circle: Wrath (Guarded by an actual Minotaur, Virgil, and three triplet Centaur brothers the Seventh Circle is a fight club that is set to rival Purgatory.  Though smaller in size, it has three rings in which fights may take place.  Everything from boxing matches to more ‘extreme’ fighting can take place here.  In the daytime hours it can be used as a practice arena for a small fee)

Eighth Circle: Deliberate and Knowing Evil (Malebolge or Evil Pockets is simply a place where Chimaera can meet, chat and hang out.   There is no dance floor and the music is kept to a minimum.  The club is separated into different ‘pockets’ with rows of couches and small tables, secluded booths and other conversational areas.  It is a place to relax and to enjoy someone else’s company. )

Ninth Circle: Traitors (The lowest floor of Aligheri’s this floor houses business offices of many Giovanni and a central conclave room where Council meetings can be held.  This is also houses Quincy’s other home away from home.)

Bartenders/Bouncers/Etc (May be NPCd as Needed)