Remember how I said even though the Preternatural Act protects Chimaera, there are still a lot of rules they have to live by? Well here are a few of them...other than the laws we humans have to follow of course.

Kindred cannot embrace a mortal without their express permission. To do so is punishable by death. Same goes with Shapeshifters (If you feel the need to keep the line going…stop by the Church of Eternal Night [Kindred])

Kindred cannot kill another for the purpose of feeding. (There are enough blood dolls around to prevent it anyway…I’m not one of them)

Shapeshifters must be very careful, especially under a full moon (no mauling or killing human beings when hunting, that sort of thing. In other words no reenactments of American Werewolf in London)

No magic may be used against human beings (I know its tough for them, but we human beings are a paranoid lot and don’t like to be messed with)

Psionics…no mental prowess may be used against human beings (Be nice)