Before the Earth was ruled by mankind, it was a place of wild magic, ruled by the Fey, the Kindred and the other creatures of Chimaera. The merest thought brought to life the stuff of nightmares and the stuff of dreams. Chaos inevitably ruled because the threshold between this realm and the others was still open. Then, by the powers that be, the veils thickened, the portals closed and the Chimaera were left alone with the ever-growing humanity. War raged to bring order.

The Immortal Fey waged war upon the forces of entropy that remained, those who are of darkness and decay. In the course of this war the Unseelie court of the Fey was created. Those who were of mixed blood, the by-blows of Seelie and Chaos, or those who betrayed the Seelie court were cast into this in between world of gray. During this time there was also a mixing of mortal and immortal blood. Humanities ancestors were innocent bystanders in the attempted destruction of Chaos and yet were drawn in to the melee and so were born the Kindred. The Weres emerged from Earth itself, from the beasts that ruled it long before the Chimaera and Mankind existed. And a semblance of order was created for a time.

As time passed, humanity’s numbers grew though the creatures of the Chimaera were so wrapped up in their own pursuits that they did not notice until it was too late. The twilight of the Gods and the end of the reign of the Chimaera had come. Mankind, as frail as they were and still are, slowly forced all the creatures of Chimaera from the border outposts, and then drove them into the heart of wilderness and into the shadows. By three thousand years ago the only Fey strongholds were in remote parts of England, Ireland, Greece, China and Russia, their numbers the lowest of all the Chimaera. The Kindred were banished to darkness, hunted and killed until only a handful remained. And the Shapeshifters…their connection with Mother Earth was lost, their hearts lonely and their spirits weak, so they too shuffled into obscurity.

Centuries went by, and the Chimaera became the myths and legends of times gone by even as they lived in secret among humanity. Eventually their numbers increased and they decided to finally come out of hiding. Marius Noblesse, the first great King and ruler of the Chimaera, until the preternatural and slowly each clan came out of hiding.  When Marius moved his family to the United States in the early 1800's he discovered that the U.S. Constitution unintentionally gave the Chimaera the legal means to assure their rights. And by the early - 1800’s the Preternatural Act was created and the Chimaera were just another minority protected by the laws of the land. They had become a part of society.

Today, Humanity and Chimaera live side by side all with the same rights. They pay our taxes, abide by our laws and yet they also face hatred, fear and persecution though not half as bad as 3000 years ago. Though these supernatural creatures, the earth’s original rulers, have been out in the open for the past couple hundred years and half of the world is fascinated with them, the other half isn’t. That latter half wants them dead because of the power they could wield if the right key was turned. Some time around the 1950’s, a Council was created; a select group of people from each sect, including humanity, to make sure that that balance is maintained and to protect this world from any other. 

In late February, strange things began to occur, Apocalypse kind of stuff as if something from the other side wants to come here. The only thing left is for someone to unlock the door and let it in and find out whether it's good or bad. The balance of power has also begun to shift since then, the Fey trying to overthrow the ruling Kindred, the Chimaera trying to overthrow humanity. Sides are being drawn about what to do about the thing knocking on the door. Some think that it is a good thing, some don’t. And everyone is making bets on who will be left standing when the dust settles.

That brings us to today. The Council is here in New York City and the scramble to find the key and either use it or destroy it is raging. The millennium brought a thousand crazy things with it. Are you ready?

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