Need to know exactly what we are talking about, here are some of the more 'used' words, phrases, events and places here in PM.

ABOVE: Heaven, Nirvana, Higher Planes of Existence. The place where nice people go when they die.

ABYSS OF DESPAIR: A bottomless pit located within the Noblesse Estates. It is said that if King Marius were to cast someone into the abyss, they would literally fall forever, never aging, never dying, trapped in free fall for eternity. Rumors are he used it only a handful of times where as Queen Gitanne has not used it or threatened its use at all.

ANARCH: A young Chimaera (not necessarily Kindred) who is not happy with the current Chimaera society.

BATISTA CLAN: Before Venice wiped them out the Batista were a relatively young clan ruled by a noble man, Kobejitsu, who was actually one of Nicholas Giovanni’s good friends and teachers.  They were a clan of warriors with a strict sense of honor and loyalty.  They were also the peacekeepers among the Kindred clan.  Galen of the Ravens is the only known survivor of this clan.

BELOW: Hell, Tartarus, Lower Planes of Existence. The place where not-so-nice people go when they die.

BLACK COACH: As old as the Chimaera itself, though it was not created by any Chimaera or ancient god that the Chiamera know of, the Black Coach simply exists.  It has changed its form as it changes its loyalty.  The Malachite clan once saw it as as a black chariot pulled by four black horses, while the Giovanni had a coach in later centuries.  It now has decided to belong to the Unseelie Court and more notably to Frost and the Wild Hunt.  Its newly chosen form is that of a driverless black limousine. It answers to Frost, Roarke and more recently Nastassia and Ian alone.    There are tales of a sinister black car sitting across from a person's home with its engine running and ghostly fire dancing along it's surface.  For some it has always been a death portent, warning of impending doom.

BLOOD OATH: The most potent bond which can exist between Kindred. It involves the receiving of blood three times in an acknowledgement of mastery. This grants a mystical power over the one who is bound. The recipient will do whatever the donor says, whether they want to or not, even to the point of endangering their own life.

BLOOD DOLL: A mortal who delights in letting Kindred feed from them; they are usually involved in the goth sub culture and participate in blood letting games. Eventually, they usually can become ghouls or mortal servants to us. This can also describe one of our kind who is held in another's thrall.

BLOOD CONTRACT: This ritual creates an unbreakable agreement between the two parties who sign it The contract must he written in the caster's blood and signed in the blood of whoever applies their name to the document This ritual takes three nights to enact fully after which both parties are compelled to fulfill the terms of the contract The only way to terminate the ritual is to complete the terms of the contract or to burn the document itself.

BRANWYN'S TEARS: Also known as Fergus’ Sweat and Aveal’s Joy;  Is a very rare clear oil that is the strongest aphrodisiac known in the Feyan courts.  Just a few drops can turn a sidhe or half sidhe into a sexual slave and melt all glamour.  However, it is a double edged sword as any who touch it will also be affected.  There are stories that tell of punishments using Branwyn’s tears to punish prisoners.  They were doused with the oil and shackled to the dungeon walls. Eternal arousal with no promise of release.  A person can go mad with the longing.  The oil also has the ability to turn a mortal into a sidhe lover for a short time.  It is because of this that the oil is highly sought after on the black markets.

CAERAIS: Gitanne Noblesse's mother; Caerais was a water nymph, high noble Seelie and Lady in Waiting to Queen Maeve.  She was also emissary to the Unseelie Court.  Some say that she was killed by her own Court during the last Unseelie/Seelie War because of her questionable loyalties.

CAITIFF: A Chimaera who has not been raised with a clan. Looked down upon in Chimaera society.

CHIMAERAPHILES: Human groupies that follow the Chimaera around. This can often turn into a cult.

CHILDE: Much like the relationship between mortals, a childe is the offspring of Kindred, though the means are different than that of mortals and so are the relationships. This excludes the natural born pureblood child of Kindred parents, which is possible, though very very rare.

CHIMAERAN CRIME FORCE: Headed by Alex Nguyen, the Chimaeran Crime Force or CCF is a combination of the FBI/CIA for Chimaera. They are not the Chimaeran Squad (the affectionate term for the police side of things) and will usually only deal with the more high profile or severe cases.

CLAN: The bloodline that a Chimaera belongs to. Each clan has a special weakness, special disciplines, and a semi-mythical founder. There are five major bloodlines in Permanent Midnight (Kindred, Fey, Shapeshifters, Shadows, and Witches).

CORR: Feyan word for slut.

COUNCIL: A select group of people from each sect, including humans that have been chosen to keep balance between the Chimaera and humanity. They promote quiet co-existence with mortals.

COURT: Once upon a time Marius Noblesse and his family held Court. Sometimes it was lavish, sometimes antiquated, sometimes harsh, but it always held respect. When Court was held all clans attended both Chimaera and not which included human elements of the Council as well as the Satinamuh. Here the clans would finally be together after living, scheming and plotting on their own turfs. Court gave the ability to do said things with the other clans.  It was Court where kings were made and where kings fell. Marius also took Court to acknowledge those he favored often giving them rewards and chastising those who displeased him.  It was his chance to be the figurehead and the leader that the Chimaera needed to unite them as a whole. Yet there have always been strict rules involved in Court and if you were not careful they could make or break you. Duels settled disputes, truth tests were commonplace and the Council as a whole decided on some very important changes. Court was also a place for new Chimaera in the city to introduce themselves to Marius and offer tribute to the Chimaeran king. It was also the place where newly made or born Chimaera were introduced into the Court and therefore Chimaeran society. But Marius's Court could also be fun.  There Chimaera were allowed to be themselves, to do things that the mortal world sometimes frowned upon.  Ultimately it was also a bit of a sanctuary from the rest of the world. And though threats were made during Court they were never carried out unless Marius and the Council's Ravens were the ones executing the threats or it was done in the dueling ring. Court stopped though after Marius was murdered.  When his childe Gitanne took over as Queen Court was held less and less.  After Venice, it almost stopped completely unless it was an auspicious day or required. The Chimaera have lost their figurehead. And as we know the clans are definitely not united.  Gitanne, losing her hold believed that she could bring it back if she held Court.

DIABLERIE: Chimaera cannibalism…most common among Kindred; To drain another vampire completely of blood, destroying him. The cannibal thus gains some of the murdered Chimaera’s power. Shapeshifters commit this by eating the flesh of another, witches by siphoning power through magical means of dead witch’s heart, Immortals by beheading, and Fey very much like Witches. The Feranti are Diablerists of the worst form.

DISCIPLINE: Magical powers that Chimaera control. Certain disciplines are only taught to certain clans.

DONOR: A potential or past source of blood, typically a human.

ELF-STRUCK: If a sidhe has sex with a human and doesn't try to tone down the magic, they turn a human into an addict. Those that are elf-struck can actually wither and die from want of the touch of sidhe flesh.

EMBRACE, THE: The act of transforming a mortal into vampire by draining the mortals blood and then replacing it with some of our own. If the vampire feeds blood to a human or even lesser Chimaera without draining them first they will create a ghoul.

FADE: When a sidhe chooses to die, he fades. Once it is started, it can't be stopped. Some of the lesser fey fade in truth with their skin turning translucent.

FLAWS: Physical, mental or supernatural handicaps that are taken at character creation.

FLEDGLING: A young, newly created vampire or Shapeshifter.

GENERATION: A measure of a Chimaera’s strength. The higher a Chimaera’s generation, the further removed they are from their mythic founders, and the more diluted their blood is, so they can attain less in magical power and Chimaera society.

GHOUL: A loathsome, corpse-eating spirit. In Permanent Midnight, a ghoul can also be a living human who has drunk the blood of a vampire, thus no longer aging and imbued with certain preternatural abilities. Gitanne was Marius's ghoul before he embraced her.  Also known as a Human Servant.

HUNGER, THE: As with mortals and other animals, the drive to feed. For Kindred it is much more intense and takes the place of every other drive including urge and pleasure.

JUSTICANAL: Part magic, part quest, and part trial by jury, the Justicanal is as old as the Chimaeran clans though it has evolved over the eras.  Full of magic, this trial by fire and jury is the final decision among the preternatural. There is no stay of execution or chance of a mistrial.  You are either found innocent of the charges or guilty and thus either save your life or lose it.  In the age of the Council there has never been a Justicanal for a King or Queen, nor have both parties been from the same clan.  The Justicanal consists of three parts: the sword (xiphos), the flame (heile) and the blood (haima).   The Judges/Jury consist of the 7 clans (Diablo, Giovanni, Seelie and Unseelie Courts, Shapeshifters, Talamasca, Feranti) and delegates from the Satinamuh and the Human World who are already part of the Council.  Charges must be made formally and be proven.  If the charge is false, punishment will de dealt firmly.

KA-HAI: Is a Chimaeran term normally used by Feyan nobles to put down someone of a lesser rank than they. It is not normally used in polite or civilized conversation and has been adopted by most Chimaera these days when wanting to remind someone of their place, albeit rudely and crudely.

KIATE: An ancient demon with a taste for blood, especially that of Kindred and Fey. He was banished long ago to the Other Realm by Arabus and has since been biding his time till the Prophecy comes to pass, and he is freed from the dagger in which he has been bound and Earth becomes his domain.

KINE: A derogatory name for humans

KINDRED: Vampires or yet another word to describe their kind.

LEECH: A derogatory name for Kindred

MAGE: An individual who has conscious control over magic. A wizard, if you will. Plural: Magi.

MALACHITE CLAN: Before the Venice Jihad wiped them from the face of the earth, the Malachite clan was the oldest Kindred Clan.  In fact the rulers and founders of each of the other clans were once part of this clan.  They were also the most well known clan.

MUMMY: An individual (not necessarily Egyptian) whose soul, because of great magic, constantly returns to a single, eternally regenerating body. There are less than a hundred Mummies in existence.

NAMELESS, THE: It was the last attempt by both courts to keep the courts from dying.  Every fey was required to put magic into the Nameless and it was held somewhere within faerie to keep the magic from disappearing. It's a evil manifestation of the powers from all the sidhe combined into one form.  It can only be physically seen if it hurt because it can move through time and space.

NEONATE: A newly created Chimaera, who still hasn't figured out Chimaera society.

PREGNANCIES: Fey can conceive and bare much like humans, though obviously the aging factor is far slower than that of mortals. For shapeshifters and kindred, pregnancies are rare, though they are not impossible. For shapeshifters it means extreme bedrest as every month the pregnant mother will have to change and most of the time the change is too violent and miscarriages occur. For Kindred, it is quite possible for a vampire to conceive and bear children in the human, not vampirically traditional way. However, certain conditions must be met. Once a month, there is a special night when the stars align and the power of darkness is stronger than ever. Just before dawn, when it is the darkest period of the whole month, a vampire baby may be conceived. The parents must, of course, be having sex at this time and at the exact moment of darkness, they must renew a Blood Bond by exchanging blood during the sexual act. Only then, and if all the conditions are met, can a vampiric baby be made. This night is called La Noche de la Concepcion Oscura, as stated before, only happens once a month, during the Full Moon because weird ooky things happen during that time.

RACK, THE: The hunting ground represented by night clubs, bars, and other places of entertainment where mortals seek to dance, drink and pair off.

RAVENS, THE: An elite guard, not unlike the old Praetorian Guard of Caesar Augustus’s reign in old Rome, that is the personal army and protectors of the current ruler of the Chimaera.  Founded by Marius when he became King, the Ravens are the best fighters of each clan.  Their loyalty is to the Chimaeran nation itself and thus it’s ruler.  There are 21 in all and consist of both men and women.  Think of them like the Navy Seals, Green Berets, Special Forces all rolled into one.  You do not want to cross the Ravens.  Marius had the undivided loyalty of the Ravens, Gia does not.

RELIGION: Religion in PM is a bit different. Though there may be a heaven and a hell, it is not necessarily in the biblical sense. Instead, it is another realm, another dimension you could say. There are many things out there that may not necessarily answer to the Vatican's God.  Demons exist as do angels, but it is man's perception of them that has made them what they are in Human Religions. Many of the Chimaera were once worshipped as Gods, some still are, but it does not mean that they are.

RETAINERS: Humans who serve a Chimaera, they are generally ghouls or mentally dominated by the Chimaera. As a ghoul, they are given prolonged life and increase in some senses, particularly strength. Also known as Human Servants if they are ghouls.

SATINAMUH: A mortal or in many cases an immortal whose sole purpose is to hunt down Chimaera and keep the balance between the two societies when the Council fails.

SIRE: The parent/creator of a Kindred.

SIREN: A kindred who seduces mortals, but does not kill them and usually only feeds after putting the mortal in a deep trance or sleep. Also called a Tease. Is the female version of a Casanova.

SITHINS: Kingdoms in a waterdrop. The Seelie and Unseelie sithins are all that is left of Faerie in this world.  They are alive, ever-changing and unaffected by politics of either court.  It is said that the Sithins choose the rightful rulers and if the sithins die, so do they Fey.  The Sithins have always been, the kingdoms of the Courts.  They can be joyous and they can be vengeful.  Though each ruler has control of the Sithins, it is because the sithins allow them control.   As beautiful as they may be, they are also dying.  Few Feyan births have occurred in the past century and their magic is dying.  If they are not careful The Fey will soon be no more. Once they were called Faerie Mounds, hills scattered across the countryside.  But inside lay Faerie or what was left of it in this world.  There are many sithins scattered throughout the world, some belonging particularly to one Court while others are shared.  However, the Sithin is where the ruling King or Queen holds Court and lives.  Faerie is the strongest here for the Sithin is Faerie.  The Sithin has a life of its own and of its own volition often rearranges the rooms, halls, etc. The entrances are never in quite the same place and are not always visible; those seeking entry must locate the entrance though their magic. The Sithin also decides how large the opening will be; at times several Limousines can drive in side by side, at others a large party would be forced to enter on foot and in single file. Most of the fey in America live within the bounds of Faerie, but exiles and those who seek new experiences live among humans. Many fey never leave Faerie and travel between kingdoms appears to be limited. Within Faerie, a fey is subject to all the laws of the kingdom he or she belongs to. Outside the borders of Faerie, a fey is also subject to human laws. The Bureau of Human and Chimaeran Affairs exist to deal with cross-border issues, including claims of asylum. Fey royalty and their guards are entitled to diplomatic immunity, which includes not requiring licenses for firearms and allowances to carry weaponry aboard commercial aircraft

SLAUGH: Part of the Unseelie Court. Also known as the Wild Hunt.  They are the stuff of nightmares and ultimately led by Frost. Because of Frost's loyalty to High King Bellemorte, Roarke has his own personal army in the Wild Hunt.

SLUMMING: The act of feeding from the homeless and derelicts. A vampire who does so exclusively is a Slummer.

STALKER: A mortal or immortal in most cases who hunts our kind. See Satinamuh.

VAMPIRE: What Kindred are, though they call each other vampire only when we mean to offend. It’s the equivalent of primate, as if they were to call humans apes or Neanderthals.

VEGETARY: A sarcastic term for a vampire who refuses to take the blood of humans, but relies instead on that of animals.

VENICE JYHAD: Five years ago, not 2 years after Gitanne Noblesse had ascended to the Chimaeran Throne, the unthinkable occurred.  A massive army of zealots backed by the pope himself stormed Venice, a Kindred stronghold for the Malachite and Batista clans and slaughtered them, leaving no known survivors as the clans gathered for an annual celebration. From Venice the army returned home to Rome where it attacked the Seelie and Unseelie Court sithins.  Then it was to Greece for the Shapeshifters.  It soon became a war as Chimaera across the world were attacked.  Then the Chimaera began to fight back.  In less than a week thousands were dead and the numbers continued to rise.   But this time it was humans that were dying. Gitanne Noblesse, still young in her reign as Queen of the Chimaera rose up from her throne and took action. She calmed fears, united the Chimaera and sought justice.  It was Queen Noblesse who told the human world of the crimes committed against Chimaera, made them feel guilt and horror over the genocide, of the atrocities.  It was she who brought the Chimaera back into the positive limelight.  No one truly knows what she told the Human World Council, if she threatened or if she begged.  But after a month of war the fighting ceased.  Reparations were made and the power shifted. A year later, the mourning had ceased.  A new Pope was in office and the Chimaera had the rights mortals did…almost all of them now (more than what Marius did for the Chimaeran nation).  Chimaera were integrated everywhere and they were the it thing, this world’s own international superstars.

VITAE: Blood

WARDS: Spells designed for protection. A sort of invisible wall, or feeling to keep people out. Some have an intelligence and are made of living magic while others are merely like a magical security system.

WILD HUNT: Ruled by Frost and therefore loyal to the Unseelie Court, The Wild Hunt is an army. They are the secretkeepers, the spies and the things that go bump in the night. Considered to be the most fierce and the most terrifying of all the Fey, The Wild Hunt rule the night and the skies. It has existed as long as the Fey have existed and as a whole has no concept of morality, good, or evil. Made up of the dead, and the ‘monstrous’ when the Hunt is called, it cannot be stopped, not even by Frost until the ghostly ride finds its prey or is satisfied with another. Like his father, Frost becomes the Hunter, enticing or forcing fallen and lost souls to become part of his hunt, forever in his service. Humans have told legends that It is made up of huntsmen, hounds, horses, warriors, and ghosts. But it is more than that. There are things that even the Unseelie fear, nightmares come to life and one look is enough to drive a mortal mind mad. Some say that when Frost becomes the Hunter, he becomes someone different. He becomes the Hunter. “We are the hunt; we are wild, and we are free. Free of the shackles of the morality or logic of the others.”

WRAITH: The spiritual essence of dead individuals. Ghosts.