Of course picking two does not mean they are flaws you someday cannot overcome, but its unlikely you will do so in this game. These are your vices, your flaws that help keep the balance between you and the Mortals. If you're mortal your flaw is that your human, but I am sure you already know that. Of course there are other flaws that may not appear here, feel free to add.

ABSENT MINDED: Self-explanatory

ADDICTION: Choose an addiction, although nothing like you’re addicted to collecting beanie babies. Remember that this is a flaw, albeit one you can try to remedy but one that will probably make your life difficult at times.

AMNESIA: You cannot remember your past or pieces (vital) of your past. Perhaps you do not know who your sire is, your real name, hand of power, history, etc

BAD MOON: When the full moon is out, some people get furry and some go mad. If this is your flaw, when the full moon is out not only does your paranoia increase, but so does your anger, lust, and evil tendencies. You may turn on your best friend, kill a dignitary, or worse. But at least it only lasts for three days a month and there are such things as chains. They’re not just for fun anymore.

BAD SIGHT: For a Chimaera, this means you have the sight of an average human being. No seeing five city blocks, spotting things in the shadows that normal people wouldn’t, etc.

BLIND: Self-explanatory

CHILD: You were born not long ago or embraced as a child. This of course causes lots of problems, physically and mentally. Most Kindred that were embraced as a child (it is against the Code of Berayah to do so now) go mad and are given Final Death as a release from their torment.

CODE OF HONOR: There is such a thing of being too knightly and having too much honor. You will not do things that will diminish this honor regardless if the people you are fighting, friends with, etc have any honor at all.

COLOR BLINDNESS: Self-explanatory. You may think its simple, but what happens when you are supposed to cut the red wire instead of the green?

COMPULSION: You have no willpower and often find this compulsion to do things that are not good for you…only to slap yourself hard after everything falls apart.

CONFUSED: You feel left out a lot, and usually have no idea what is going on about a certain thing (vital thing remember). Its probably safe to say that maybe a permanent position on the clueless couch would be wise to have.

CURIOSITY: Curiosity killed the cat and it could kill you if you’re not too careful. Sometimes asking too many questions and pushing the giant red buttons because ‘you just want to see what happens’ is not a good thing.

CURSED: You pissed somebody off and are constantly having the worse streaks of bad luck imaginable. Think of it like breaking every mirror is a house of mirrors. Ouch.

DARK SECRET: You have skeletons in the closet and big scary ones at that. Your secret is so dark that if people found out, it could destroy everything, including you.

DEAF: Self-Explanatory

DEEP SLEEPER: You like to sleep…a lot. In fact you like to sleep so much that almost nothing will wake you from it unless you’re ready to wake up. Which could be bad if someone were sneaking in to kill you…because you wouldn’t hear it and may not ever wake up.

DEFORMITY: This does not necessarily mean human deformities. If you are Fey, you could have been born with tentacles. Now if you’re Seelie Fey, this is a deformity. It all depends. But some people will treat you differently for it.

DISFIGURED: Self-explanatory.

DISEASE CARRIER: Self-Explanatory

DRIVING GOAL: Something drives you to do the things you do whether it is revenge, true love, you are just insane or you really want to rule the world. Of course having a one-track mind can and will get you into trouble.

FRUSTRATION: You get frustrated easily. Maybe your hand of power isn’t increasing like you would like it to, maybe the man or woman you have been trying to seduce just isn’t falling for your charms, etc, etc. Poor thing.

GHOST SIGHT: You might think it would be cool, but this isn’t the Sixth Sense. Ghosts are everywhere and sometimes they just aren’t nice. Imagine living in the same building that lay atop the ruins of a prison back in the 1700’s? Sure you can help some of them, but others are just angry that they’re dead and you’re not. They can be helpful, but then they can be harmful.

HATRED: You really really dislike someone or something. Of course you may not have a hatred for spinach or liver and onions. This is bigger. Maybe you hate a particular person, a certain family, or an institution, etc. In any case when you see them, hear about them, etc…that fiery hatred inside you rears its ugly head.

HAUNTED: This can mean two things. One, you are haunted by ghosts, but unlike those who are blessed and cursed with the ghost sight, you can rarely see them unless they manifest themselves. Two, and the most common, you are haunted by your past, perhaps your present or even future.

HIGHER PURPOSE: You have a higher purpose that makes you do the things you do. Of course in following this higher purpose you may do certain things you wouldn’t normally or may feel the need not to do something even in dire circumstances because of this higher purpose. Its up to you what this purpose is.

HUNTED: Somebody wants your head and your heart. It could one of the Satinamuh or one of the other families, maybe even members of your own clan. But someone wants you dead in a very bad way.

ILLITERATE: Self-Explanatory. Of course you can learn, but it won’t be overnight.

IMMORTAL PASSION: There is someone you desire. It transcends everything and borders on obsessive, maybe even stalker nature. You would do anything to get that person and make them yours whether they are willing or not.

INEPT: Self-explanatory

INTOLERANCE: There is a certain thing you have no tolerance for. Maybe its lying and once you find out that someone has lied to you, you mind it necessary to kill them for such an offense. Maybe you really dislike weres and find them filthy.

LIFE SAVER: You are a lifesaver. No, not the pepperminty ones. The kind that likes to be the hero, saving those in trouble, be they Chimaera or not. Of course if someone find out about it and puts a dummy victim out just to trap you, well it could go badly.

LOYALTY: You are extremely loyal. You will do anything for the person or persons you are loyal to no matter what the cost, and no matter what these people may do.


MISTAKEN IDENTITY: You look suspiciously like someone else. Sometimes it’s the paparazzi that hounds you because they think you are someone else or sometimes its the people that want you dead among other things.

MUTE: You cannot speak, of course that didn’t stop the Little Mermaid from getting what she wanted. Besides most mutes in the Chimaera world are telepathic or really good expressionists and writers since not everyone knows sign language.

NIGHTMARES: You don’t dream of cute fuzzy bunnies, unless of course they scare you. You dream of the things that you fear the most and are constantly awoken from sleep until sometimes you feel like you are going mad. They affect your every day life.

NOTORIETY: You’ve collected quite the reputation for yourself haven’t you, whether its being the bad boy/girl, the cold hearted bitch, the innocent, the humanity lover, the loyal friend, etc. Either way people can use this notoriety against you.

OVERCONFIDENT: You think no one can kill you, no one can stop you, no one dresses as well as you do, no one is as smart as you…etc, etc. Of course this means a whole lot of trouble for you.

PAST LIFE: You have a past life in which you did something naughty, maybe knew someone else and still harbor feelings. This is a major past life as it is a flaw, though up to you on how particularly interesting, naughty, dark, etc it was.

PERMANENT WOUND: This doesn’t have to be a major, constantly bleeding wound. Maybe, you broke an arm that has never fully healed and when aggravated can be painful all over again. Maybe you have burns that will never go away despite magic. Its up to you. But the pain is there or can come back with provocation.

PHOBIA: You fave a big fear as that is what phobias are. They cannot be something you will never encounter, though not as common as you are agoraphobic, unless you really don’t want to interact with people. But a fear of heights is good, a fear of enclosed spaces, etc.

POISONOUS BLOOD: You have tainted blood and not only is it poisonous to others, but to you as well. So, though you don’t have to worry about anybody draining you for your blood, you feel like you have the flu half of the time. However Selene and Seth have managed to somehow give you some ‘pills’ (which are really sugar pills, but you don’t know that…they’re the real medication) that make you feel A-ok. If you don’t take them on a regularly basis or you piss the powers that be off and they take them away, you will get that flu feeling again.

PROBATIONARY COURT MEMBER: You've switched courts one too many times. Perhaps that's just the way you are or you were forced to switch because of something external. Nonetheless, no one trusts you and you’re walking a very fine line my friend.

REPUTATION: Same thing as notoriety, though less paparazzi like.

SECRET FRIENDSHIP: You have a secret friend that no one else knows about. If found out this friendship could destroy you and your friend.

SHAMAN/MEDIUM: Normally this would be a good thing, but for a Medium or shaman you are easily possessed and it comes at the most inopportune times. (Selene will help you with your visions if this is your flaw.)

SHY: Self-explanatory

SLOW HEALING: You heal half as slow as the rest of the Chimaera. A laceration that may heal in a matter of minutes for others of your kind, may take a few hours to a day to heal. For Chimaera this a flaw that could be quite dangerous, since half of the world doesn’t really want you around and healing quickly isn’t exactly something bad.

SOFT-HEARTED: Self-explanatory

SPEECH IMPEDIMENT: Self-explanatory

TRUE LOVE: You are in love. Sweet isn’t it? Not when you would do anything for that other person, even endangering your life or when he/she is the sworn enemy of your family. Also known as the Romeo and Juliet syndrome.

TWISTED UPBRINGING: Self-explanatory. Its worse than being brought up by Mommie Dearest, think Marquis de Sade instead.

UNTRUSTWORTHY: Self-explanatory.

VENGEANCE: Revenge is sweet, but when it is the sole thing that possesses you, it can and will be your destruction.

WEAK SENSE: Choose a sense, any sense…its less than spectacular.

WEAK-WILLED: Self explanatory…you big pushover.

WINGED: Having wings may be cool, that is until you realize how they make you stand out in a crowd. Awe is good yes, but when people want them for their ‘presumed’ power or just because they look neat, be careful.