"Death is the enemy. I spent 10 years of my life single-mindedly
studying, practicing, fighting hand to hand in close quarters to defeat the
enemy, to send him back bloodied and humble and I am not going to roll
over and surrender."
-- Diane Frolov

z D A N T E  - Feranti Ruler, Youngest Son of Gregory and Julia Talamasca
z R A S P U T I N  - Former Ruler, Brother of Gregory Talamasca
z B E T H A N Y  - Demonologist, Marketing Manager of the Illuminati Corp.
z F R A N C E S C O  - Head of Acquisitions for the Illuminati Corp.
z K A I N  - Head of Acquisitions for the Illuminati Corp.

The Feranti are an exclusive and very secretive sect of Necromancers and witches, forsaken by the rest of the Talamasca clan. Officially, they're still a part of the clan, but recently they have distanced themselves from the rest and have finally become acknowledged as separate in the eyes of the Chimaera Council. The reasons for leaving the Talamaca are unknown, but whatever the reason it has made the Talamascan White Council very suspicious. The sect is lead by Dante Talamasca, a skilled necromancer advised by his former mentor Rasputin who gave Dante the leadership after stepping down. Why he stepped down and let Dante take over, no one knows, but he must had a good reason... he always has.

The Feranti have been around for a long time, but until recent times they have been 'mortal' just like every other Talamasca. They age, die and reincarnate. That changed when Rasputin stripped the life-essence of a high ranked Kindred and transferred it into his student, Dante. Dante became the first of the sect who became truly immortal; undead.

The Feranti sect is hidden behind the hi-tech company, Illuminati Corp. The company is specialized on computer hardware, software and security systems. Even though they make a good profit out of this, it's just a cover. The truth is, they work with weapons  and spy-systems providing it for the American military and other shady groups, such as the Kindred and Fey families and occasionally the Satinamuh... without them knowing who they deal with.

The goal of the Feranti is to bring Clan Talamasca onto Earth's throne, with them as leaders of course. Whoever crosses their plans, ends their days in the most terrifying and painful way imaginable.