Here’s a quick Cliff Notes version of why we are doing this. In Permanent Midnight we have shapeshifters, vampires, the Feyan court, mortals and immortals. Very different kinds of characters with very different kinds of powers. But so as not to make one clan more powerful then the other and leave the mortals powerless, it is necessary to have merits and flaws. Each preternatural character will have two flaws, and three merits, (unless otherwise noted or asked) while the mortals will have no flaws and six merits (their flaw being that they're human and have no hand of power either). If a character does not have enough weaknesses or faults to match their powers then Selene, Seth and Simon/a will assign some. Word of advice: Don't make those two do something for you when they give you the chance to do it yourself. You won't like what they do (they'll make sure of that). So, enough of that, you know the basics, now decide. The purpose is to make balanced characters. They are not only more fun to play and flesh out, but it makes the gaming experience more fun for everyone involved.



The Chimaera are magic and have it coursing through their veins. Not only do they have the innate abilities of their clan, but they also have certain magicks that are manifested in Hands of Power. Council members have two hands of power while others have one.  Here are some examples and what consists of these hands.  Choose wisely and feel free to make one up, just clear it with the Powers that Be first.

Real quick rules before you choose your Hand of Power. Magic here obeys certain laws. All magic involves the use of Power of some sort, which must be raised (usually through ritual, preferably with a group to maximize the effect), and is expended in casting a spell or creating a magical object or creating a shield of protection. Without a ritual to help raise power from an outside source, the magic-user must draw upon his own energy, and that depletes him. Use too much, and it takes a mental and magical and physical toll. There is no such thing as a free lunch! If you use your own energy, you will grow weak and exhausted; if you use too much--you can even die. Remember this when you use your hand of power or conjure.

Real magic generally isn't flashy. If you didn't know a spell was cast, you might never notice the outcome. So no knowing a spell has been cast unless you saw it done or have the ability to detect such things. Of course there are exceptions to this rule when using a particular hand of power.

Instant gratification is very rare. So no nose-twitching or destroying large pieces of real estate with a single gesture.

Necromancy, which is any magic that deals with the dead, is particularly prone to being misused. It includes raising zombies (for such purposes as finding a will or answering legal questions, though it is still a bit iffy as to the legality of their testimony in court; they are sometimes used for repetitive jobs, but there are laws pending to protect the dead from exploitation by the living), communicating with ghosts (which range from mere psychic impressions left by an extremely emotional moment to full-fledged spirits, though these tend to be unusual) to ritual sacrifice. Any use of ritual sacrifice is an automatic death sentence. Any use of magic to commit a crime is a mandatory death sentence. Employing someone else to use magic to kill someone is a death sentence. About the only defense a necromancer has for using magic to kill someone is self-defense--and that will be difficult to prove, since the presumption of the law is that if a mage can use magic to kill, he has lesser spells at his command that would protect him without taking a life. These death sentences are carried out swiftly with no appeal--no one wants to give you a chance to escape. So remember that if you do such a thing, because necromancy does require sacrifice (even if it is just an animal or your own flesh and blood), especially when others are present. There are always consequences.

The power of a Chimaera will not always be decided by his or her age. If too many 500+ ages come up then Selene, Seth and Simon will start determining just how powerful you are. Not every Fey is noble and has huge amounts of power to their command. Likewise goes with Weres and Kindred. Not every were is the king/queen or their kind or an Alpha. And not every Kindred is a master of their abilities. Keep this is mind when creating your character. Although there always exceptions, just ask.