Become more powerful. The Powers that Be like to give happies, but not to just anyone. You have to earn them. How do I earn them you ask?

- Focus on telling a good story when you post. Be descriptive of your character, the location, and pay attention to details without being boring. This is the heart of the PbeM world…storytelling

- Grammar and spelling must resemble American or English to some extent but the posts don't have to be letter perfect. Lord knows when I get a typing my spelling is less than stellar. But you get the picture.

- Follow basic netiquette when quoting. (Quote past posts to orient the reader not to completely restate the last post. And write at least as much as you quote. This means no repeating the last post exactly with just a little bit of your own stuff. Its just no fun)

- Be creative and don't be afraid to put your character in a bad spot for the sake of putting him in a bad spot. Not everyone comes out of tough spots shining like a new penny. (Remember the golden rule: treat other characters and the game as you would like your own character to be treated.)

- Participate and interact with other players as opportunity presents itself.

Have fun!!
Ta Ra,
List Moderator/Storyteller/and Goddess Incarnate (a.k.a. Selene)