"The world loves a bastard, luckily that is me."
-- Sebastian Diablo

z D O M I N I C  - King of The Diablo Clan DECEASED
z K A T R I N A  - Former Queen of the Diablo Clan DECEASED
z S E B A S T I A N  - Chimaera Bad Boy, Oldest Living Diablo
z A D R I A N A  - Vengeful Daughter, New Queen of the Diablo UP FOR ADOPTION
z R A I N A  - Employed Assassin, Lady Death
z D R.  F E E L G O O D  - Sadistic Scientist DECEASED
z M A R Y  - Feelgood's Assistant DECEASED

The Diablo Family is the youngest of the three remaining clans after the Venice Jyhad. Ruled by Dominic and Katrina Diablo this clan of Kindred has ties to the Shapeshifters and more than one has the ability to call or turn into an animal of their choosing. But they are also the rebels, forever searching for the ultimate expression of their individuality. The family is compromised of stubborn, highly aggressive, ruthless, sensitive to slights, and extremely vengeful Kindred. They are the most uncontrollable of all the families and would seek to destroy each and every thing of they could. They want the walls between the Realms to be destroyed and ultimate power to be their own.

The Fey and the other Kindred families may own the businesses, but is the Diablo and the Shapeshifters that own the streets. The Diablo of course are more prone to larceny, illegal activities and the such and their base of power is the mafia. Amazingly the Diablo are left pretty much alone, and as long as they do not meddle with certain buildings and businesses, they have remained free to create their own paradise amidst the dark corners and shadows of the city. It may sound limiting, but Dominic has more power than you can imagine. So much that the other families have been trying to chip at their base of power lest they become too unruly. Dominic is the Godfather of Organized Crime and as such the Diablo have always been willing to make a deal with anyone if it furthered their cause. Everyone is expendable.

The Diablo assets can be divided into two distinct groups: Legal and Illegal means. Being a smart clan many of their assets are placed in shell companies and with cut-out board leaders. Unquestionably however is the fact that the Diablo, and Dominic control it all. An empire worth roughly the GNP of most developing nations, still the clan is not a happy camper. For years the Diablo and the Feranti have been fighting over the control of the weapons department. Though the Feranti deal with more hi-tech weaponry, Dominic understands how lucritive that market is. The Diablo control most of the street market for cocaine, heroine, and crack. The Diablo chemical factories produce new designer drugs that hit the streets every few weeks. Dominic's latest, Ecstasy, is the current rage in the clubbing circuit. The Diablo also control a good portion of the flesh industry including many of adult entertainment stock: motels, adult theaters, and strip clubs that Roarke Bellemorte and Gitanne Noblesse won't touch. Queens is Diablo domain. Other dominions controlled by the Diablo include: Extortion (Most of the protection rackets are under his control, especially near the dock area. Although he has been warring with the other Chimera for their territories, nothing much has been made of it), Law (Dominic knows that the law is his greatest foe, what better irony than owning two of the biggest law firms in New York. All the deals that he has made has been scrutinized by the best to ensure that he won’t ever get screwed. Justice is blind.), Law Enforcement (A silent contributor for the past few decades to the police causes, he is the man behind the programs which offer to rehabilitate policemen injured in the line of duty. He has a lot of pull with the police commissioner, and has his number on his cell phones speed dial. Rarely does Dominic have to use this priviledge, but he knows its there, just in case he needs it.), and Government (a major contributor to both parties, he has raised funds for both candidates and is a major power-broker. He is chummy with the current Governor and his publishing firms have uncovered many political skeletons that could prove useful should the prospect be uncooperative.)

King Marius once said that the Diablo were a necessary evil. He understood that it was better to have Dominic running things than say...Sebastian. He also knew how to control him. It is not something Gitanne learned how to do. But eventually push came to shove and Gia finally decided to react. Now, Dominic is a hunted man. He has until sundown to leave the city and to disappear for good. If not, he is fair game to anyone willing to try.