That's right, I am hereby challenging all of you , calling out you and your wonderful writing skills.  Each month there will be a writing challenge.  Call it a free write. It can be fleshing out the past of your characters or what have you. And it doesn't necessarily have to do with any of the current plotlines. Hell it could be a just-because story.  Sometimes you just need to write. So...

Starts: July 1st
End: October 1st
Huh: I know the majority of things that go bump in the mind happens during the fall, but we're going to have a Horrorfest early. 
Requirements: Here's your chance to write a horror/ghost story/etc.  Be as scary or as creepy as you would like. It just has to take place in the PM verse.

Starts: July 1st
End: October 1st
Huh: Its the Summer.  Its hot.  Its beautiful and most of us who don't have a pool wish we did.  The BBQ's are great, so is spending time outside.
Requirements: Must be set during the summer. Everything else is up to you.

Okay so you wrote one, now what.  Head on over to the forums and post it under muses or post it on the list.  If you do put it on the list, make sure the subject heading says the following OCC: CHALLENGE #1 (or 2 depending) ENTRY.  The entry should also have the following:

Title: What did you call it?
Author: Who are you?  Character names are fine
Challenge: Which challenge did you accept
Mini-Synopsis: If you don't create one,  the Powers that Be I will after reading it
Rating: Can my niece read it?  Is it smutty? Language bad? Lots of gore?
Anything else: Feel like you need to thank anyone (like that case of red bull you drank while writing), warn anyone (there are dancing hamsters involved), etc.