The main council, that is to say the important one, consists of members from each sect, with the exception of the Shadows (I seriously doubt that anybody would want to sit next to the Lord of Sorrows during a long meeting. Or a short one for that matter). Whenever there is a need, the people in charge of their respected sect can send out the call to other clans requesting a meeting, but unless it's by Queen Gitanne the other leaders have the option of politely declining or not politely declining, depending on person that sent the missive. Think of it as the United Nations and it becomes clearer. There's the U.N. council, and then for each country in the U.N. they have their own forms of government, ranging from federations to monarchies to mafia gangs (which I guess would be a dictatorship if you looked at it in a subjective manner). If you were reading about the Talamasca, you probably ran up against their council, which basically consists of a bunch of very old witches and warlocks scratching their chins and looking very pissed off over everything in particular. And yes, the humans are included in the U.N. style council. You get to deal with the standard American government, and the Human World Council which is pretty much the United Nations that deals with the Chimaera.

HEAD OF THE COUNCIL: Gitanne Noblesse - Queen of the Chimaera and the Noblesse

CHAIR FOR THE NOBLESSE: Darian Noblesse - Matriarch for the Noblesse

CHAIR FOR THE GIOVANNI: Nicholas Giovanni - King of the Giovanni, though on occasion Carlo goes in his stead.

CHAIR FOR THE DIABLO: Adriana Diablo - New Queen of the Diablo

CHAIR FOR THE UNSEELIE COURT: Roarke Bellemorte - High King of the Unseelie

CHAIR FOR THE SEELIE COURT: Maeve Lewellyn - High Queen of the Seelie Court.

CHAIR FOR THE FERANTI: Dante Talamasca - King of the Feranti, though Bethany goes in his stead quite frequently

CHAIR FOR THE SHAPESHIFTERS: Lucien Delacourte - King of the Shapeshifters (although he his more like a president than a king, due to the various types of shifters that live in the city, not to mention the planet)

CHAIR FOR THE TALAMASCA: Gregory Talamasca - King of the Talamasca, though here in the city Princess Natalie rules in his stead as her parents make sure that the rest of the world runs smoothly. Recently, the new Baroness, Katita, may take take Natalie's p[lace on occasion.

CHAIR FOR THE SATINAMUH: Nemesis - Head of the Satinamuh (though she doesn't show up a lot)

HEAD OF THE MORTAL FACTION: Thomas Gunn - Reluctant Voice of Humanity. Head of the seven council chairs for the human world.
    MORTAL: Alex Nguyen - Non Politician
    MORTAL: Jarrod Prince - Politician (Who isn't what he seems)
    MORTAL: Unnamed - Non Politician
    MORTAL: Unnamed - Non Politician (Psionic...openly)
    MORTAL: Unnamed - Politician
    MORTAL: Unnamed - Politician (Psionic...secretly)