Here is a more detailed account of each specific clan and the wins and losses each has had in the past four months

The City (Late February...current year)

NOBLESSE 7 years after their last intimate encounter, Roarke Bellemorte still has a hold on Gitanne Noblesse's heart though she would never admit it to him. For years the two have been trying to annoy one another, provoking, teasing, etc.  She attended his club Entropy in order to do just that and she and the High King traded not so veiled barbs at one another.  That is until his current mistress, Nastassia showed up. With her arrival Gia stormed off with her best friend Natalie Talamasca staring out after her wondering why the two monarchs won't just kiss and make up. Gitanne decided to go and spar when Roarke showed up again, taunting her about her dead daughter, Diana...saying that she was still alive.

Later that night Gia went to Club Muse where a High Council meeting was set to occur. The council meeting degenerated quickly, with Carlo Giovanni calling Dominic Diablo out about his machinations specifically involved with an earlier attempt on Roarke Bellemorte's life. Gia was forced to interject herself into the situation and told both sides to behave or face her wrath. All that night Gia had begun to have moments where memories resurfaced leaving her with bouts of a panic attack.  She would find out why after the meeting was finished. After the meeting everyone was supposed to enjoy themselves at the party and some were. That is until the Lord of Sorrows showed up. He created a blackout spanning the entire club and sealed all of the entrances. Then he whispered into several people’s ears enticing them to homicides, revealed himself to Gia and then assumed Marius’s form for Gia’s sister Medea. This only fueled Medea's hatred for her sister and strengthened her desire to get rid of Gia once and for all.  After all, according to Marius's 'ghost'it was Gitanne who killed him...Gitanne who must pay for her treachery. People began to die in the club and it was quickly turning into a massacre.  Gia, Roarke and Nicholas Giovanni used their combined powers to try and open the door, but to no avail.  It was only when Gia used herself as a conduit for Roarke that the High King forced the portal open with his own power.  This is turn blew the portal open and Roarke shielded Gia from the blast, sacrificing himself.  As he lay dying Gia realized that she still loved him and rushed him to her own home to try and save him.

UNSEELIE COURT After learning of Gia's attendance at Entropy, High King Roarke makes his way to his club and he and Gia trade not so veiled barbs at one another. During the brief tease, Nastassia enters and takes Roarke's attentions from the Queen. Because of his mercurial moods, Roarke rages at his Mistress and storms off only to find a former comrade turned traitor for the Seelie Court. They speak and wax philosophical about the search for the Keys. Leaving his Club, Roarke heads for a meeting where he knows an assassination attempt will be made on his life. After a fierce duel, the King prevailed and left the warehouse. In a high mood, the King found Gia readying herself for a sparring sessions where he taunted her with memories of her lost daughter.

Back at Entropy, the King made ready for the coming of the High Council at The Muse. Once there, the Diablo King demanded satisfaction for a shipment of lost weapons and other supposed transactions against his Clan. Boring of this quickly, King Roarke excuses himself and wanders around Gia's Club, where rich humans are packed in attendance. With a dark mood descending, Roarke mingles among the horde and meets several of the assembled Chimaera. Suddenly, darkness falls in the Club and chaos ensues. Madness descends on the crowded Club as the trapped humans seek a way out. With Gia and Nicholas, Roarke attempts to force the portal with his Power. Flinging Gia from him, Roarke seeks to force the door alone. The power overload blows the portal and all are freed from the madness of the Lord of Sorrows. And High King Roarke lays dying in a spreading pool of his own blood. With a wounded Roarke, Gia and Doyle head back to the Noblesse mansion where with help from Healers, Roarke is roused. Left alone with Frost, King Roarke makes contact with his Ley Lines to further heal himself and then leaves the Mansion.

Getting word of Diablo treachery, Roarke holds a press conference and speaks of Hotspur's innocence in the supposed assassination attempt of Dominic. Getting word of Hotspur's whereabouts, Roarke makes his way to a restaurant where he finds a freshly Fey'ed Hotspur with bright green skin. Taking the young Fey with him, Roarke heads to the Mercury lounge to hear Isis Wyld, recently arrived from overseas. Delighting in the concert, Roarke then leaves. Enroute to his Club, the King hears from an operative that the Temple had arisen in Central Park. Quickly heading towards the large park, Roarke meets his Nymph lover, Dierdre. After a brief tryst, she opens a way into the Temple by way of an earthen tunnel to avoid the throng of media in attendance.  Descending into the earth with a recently met Olesia, a water witch and Talamascan. Receiving a vision while in the Temple, Roarke learns of a treachery by Olesia that had killed a gang of his Children. Turning to slay her, he is interuppted by Isis coming to the Temple on her own quest. Leaving the Temple, Roarke is surprised to find his love, Gia. She is manic because of the Power from the Temple and a violent and sensuous love making occurs between the Unseelie King and the Queen of New York.  After their session in the darkened Park, Roarke and Gia are come upon by Olesia and the Seelie Queen Mauve. Roarke is furious at their lack of respect shown to the Queen. Gia clothes herself and takes her leave only after the Temple throws another shock wave across the land.  Disgusted with all the women, Roarke goes back to Entropy where he meets with his Redcap subject, Reggie. There as well are several of the younger crowd and the topics of conversation, as well as the anger, range from calm to violent. Taking an interest in Leila, Roarke attempts to seduce her when the power in the city fails due to one of the Keys being activated. Feeling nostalgic, King Roarke leaves Entropy to visit his old friend The Dwarven King Balaric. On his way underground, the Elven Monarch meets a gang of Humanists. During the fray, he kills a handful and then travels to his old comrade. They visit for hours and talk of the old days with Roarke unaware that the human population of New York have taken it to their minds that the power failure is the fault of his people and the mortals rage and riot against the Unseelie. Leaving the Underworld near the break of Dawn, Roarke reaches Entropy just as many of his wounded Childer are brought into the club. Entering the Club, Roarke finds that Gia is there and doing her best to help her wounded and dying subjects.

Wishing to talk alone with her former lover, Gia and Roarke go to his office where the Dark Elf pledges his love to the Queen. In the throes of a passionate kiss, they are interupted by Doyle. In a rage, Roarke pushes the 'were doctor into the hall where Roarke sees two of his Childer downed by the addicted 'were. Roaring, Roarke flings himself on the werewolf and the two are held aloft the club by the living darkness of the King. In desperation, the doctor plunges a syringe into Roarke's arm and injects the High King with tainted heroin. Because of his dark nature, the drug reacts badly with the King and he falls to the floor of the Club, unconscious. Gia and Darian take the felled leader back to his office and with their combined efforts, keep the poison from killing the Fey Lord.Because of their efforts, Roake is now in control of his Darkness and new Power is available to the King. Leaving Entropy, Roarke goes to the Mayor and makes a deal to get the power back on in the city. Using his Ley Lines and magickal towers, Roarke summons the Power needed for the assembled Mages to power the city back up. In return for the Power, Roarke demands the use of Central Park for a funeral procession for his lost Childer, the Wild Hunt for those guilty of murdering Unseelie and, of course, money

With the bodies of his slain Childer, Roarke calls all Fey of the city and together they mourn their loss. The Park is transformed into a Sylvan Glade and many creatures of Myth and Legend are spotted within it's forested depths. Laying the bodies of the slain in a Fey Mound, Roarke speaks to his grieving Childer and they disperse to wander the park and see it's new wonders. Taking a vehicle to a secret location with Ian and Isabel, Roarke sips Ambrosia as several Diablo and Satinamuh agents are flayed alive and ground by machine. After the show, the King returns to Entropy to hold Court and answer his Childer their requests.

FERANTI Bethany’s story begins and ends with demons, both the personal and literal variety. As a junior member of the Feranti clan, Bethany has little contact with the rest of the family, being too wrapped up in her Demonology research to pay much attention to her brothers and sisters. Times are frustrating for Bethany - those she brings forth from the Hells are reticent to reveal much about the possibilities of a war between Talamasca and Diablo. Information is in short supply.

Once, before she converted to the Feranti, Bethany counted John Talamasca a friend. Upon the summons of Dante, she agrees to meet John to attempt to persuade him to join the Necromancers. The two discuss old times, remembering the sham trial that sentenced Bethany from ever studying Demonology again. The memories are bitter for Bethany. No-one knew her in the clan; no-one came to her defense. The only person who could have helped was John – but he was finding solace in whisky and was too drunk to speak in her defense.

The conversation winds to a close and John, disinterested in reminisces, decides to visit Dante. Bethany accompanies him back to the office complex from which the Feranti operate, only to find that Dante has laid a magical trap for John that binds him and leaves him at the mercy of the former Talamasca prince. Dante casually dismisses Bethany without a word of explanation, sowing a seed of resentment and disgust in the witch that begins to germinate. While Dante busies himself with John, Bethany heads outside only to meet a strange man by the name of Austre. The naivety and curious aura of the man attract Bethany’s attention – Austre wishes to meet the Feranti, and Bethany invites him inside the building for a conversation.

Meanwhile, in the bowels of the office complex a creature known as S'rrrraxxxxilth stirs. A demon from the Hell known as Golgotha, it has been imprisoned in a carefully constructed rune cage for further questioning. Distantly, it feels a surge in power as the Lord of Shadows emerges from his hibernation. S'rrrraxxxxilth’s mind cannot breach the rune cage, but the Lord of Shadows senses the demon’s power. An exchange between the two monsters follows, with the Lord of Shadows offering S'rrrraxxxxilth an innocent soul that the demon immediately uses to escape his prison. Upstairs, Beth and Austre are taken by surprise as S'rrrraxxxxilth tears through the floor, intent on revenge. Bethany is very nearly killed before Austre manages to strike against S'rrrraxxxxilth and forces him to retreat for the time being. Shocked by Austre’s display of power, Bethany questions the man, who invites her to accompany him to the Bronx where he will reveal the truth. Although S'rrrraxxxxilth is gone, returned to Golgotha, Beth’s Compass Infernalis informs her that that particular plane of Hell will soon be in the ascendant, allowing the demon to return to the mortal realm. In the Bronx, Austre reveals the truth. He is, in fact a dragon, only recently reborn and still searching for his full memories. Bethany, impressed by the power and grateful of a powerful ally, invites Austre to accompany her to the Ball, an offer which is readily accepted.

Meanwhile, at Feranti HQ a clan rival of Beth’s begins to investigate the mysterious damage caused by the escape of S'rrrraxxxxilth. The man is Jonathan Zahn, a part time demonologist and arch loyalist to Dante. He suspects that Bethany is hiding something from him and begins a thorough investigation. Careful spying discovers that Beth is working on her own agenda, ignoring Dante and the rest of the clan. Bethany is investigating the acquisition of “Keys”, specifically the Heart of Gaia. Jonathan cannot make sense of the notes and complains to Dante, asking for sanction to eliminate Bethany and take over her research. Dante, disinterested, agrees. Shortly after the meeting, Natalie Talamasca arrives to rescue John, who is still a prisoner. Drunk and using her hand of power freely, Natalie meets no opposition but does reveal one important fact – she is an earth witch. Jonathan does not make the connection between Natalie and the Heart of Gaia, but a silent, invisible spy working for Bethany does. The spy relays news of events at the Feranti HQ – including the fact Jonathan is planning to eliminate her, possibly with Dante’s consent.

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The City (March...current year)

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