Here is a Cliff Notes version of the things that have been happening with the game.  It is split between a general overview, clan based and things that have happened within the past few hours. The game has been going on since September of 2001, though in reality only three and a half months have passed...ah the joy of telling a hundred stories at the same time. We are on Chapter Three currently (April of 2007) If you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone.  Also, this is always a work in progress so check back for new information.

Seven years ago King Marius Noblesse was killed.  His childe and the woman he loved, Gitanne Noblesse, was there the night he died.  But only she can tell you how he was killed and who did it.  For years people have speculated that Gia was the murderess, while others insist that Marius had many enemies and that it was only a matter of time.  In any case Gitanne did fight for the position to be Queen of the Chimaera beating the likes of Roarke Bellemorte, Sebastian Diablo and others.  Duels that almost cost her, her life.

Queen Gitanne's reign has been an unsteady and an uneven one at best.  Under her watchful gaze and wise counsel the Chimaera endured the Venice Jyhad and even gained more rights because of the wrongs committed.  She has helped usher in a new age, doing away with many antiquated practices.  And in media/pop culture the Chimaera experienced a wave of being embraced by the younger generations.  But the crowd is fickle and popularity eventually wanes.  Under the Queen's reign the Chimaera have also suffered through a rise in mortal prejudice the past couple of years, Prejudice that has not been confined to name calling, but has escalated into violence. The reality of a clan war has become more and more apparent.  Of course none of this compares to an ancient Prophecy.  For too long Queen Gitanne has refused to use force or fear to earn their respect and their obedience.  The Chimaera are becoming divided.  The human world is becoming restless.  And so much is at stake.

The City (Late February...current year)

It's Just the beginning The last day of February, an Ancient Chimaeran Temple resurfaced in the middle of Central Park as the first of 13 keys was found and activated by none other than Sebastian Diablo. That same night Gitanne Noblesse’s nightclub Club Muse, a haven, was holding a council meeting/party. The council meeting degenerated quickly, with Carlo Giovanni calling Dominic Diablo out about his machinations specifically involved with an earlier attempt on Roarke Bellemorte's life. Gia was forced to interject herself into the situation and basically told all sides to chill or else. Dominic retaliated by planting a Fey body in a Giovanni car. Unfortunately for him, this was caught on video.

After the meeting everyone was supposed to enjoy themselves at the party and some were. That is until the Lord of Sorrows showed up. He created a blackout spanning the entire club and sealed all of the entrances. Then he whispered into several people’s ears enticing them to homicides, revealed himself to Gia and then assumed Marius’s form for Gia’s sister Medea. That fun ended as chaos erupted in the club, he morphed into Hotspur, and tried to take out Dominic with an SMG. Dominic survived and placed a hit on the young Unseelie Fey, despite a Seelie Fey named Ian videotaping the chaos, showing both Hotspur's in the same frame. Gitanne and Roarke, who up until this time were busy trying to figure out whether to kill one another or renew their bedside manner, used their combined powers to break open the front door and let the masses escape, but in doing so it almost took the High King’s life. Roarke, badly injured was taken to Gia's mansion to recover.

After the party, Dominic attacked a Talamascan orphanage, killing over twenty and taking several children as hostages/guinea pigs to use for experimentation and torture. Dominic’s excuse was that he thought Hotspur was Talamasca. John and Katita the duelist struck back against Dominic's businesses and people. Meanwhile, Hotspur began a terrorist campaign against Dominic.

Damage Control The aftereffects of the Club Muse tragedy were extensive. Many died both Chimaeran and human and whispers of another Venice jyhad could be heard through the streets. Most in the city took time to comfort, grieve or regain their strength. Roarke survived his wounds and left Gia’s home without another word. He would later appear at Isis Wyld’s concert in Soho along with many other people. By this time, Hotspur had found out that he is Fey and went to the concert alongside Roarke. The concert was going fine, until a magical misunderstanding erupted into a DEFCON 2 situation between the magical forces of John vs. Isis. A potential disaster was averted, however. Some time before dawn Gia, drunk on hallucinogenic blood, wandered to the temple and encountered Roarke. She goaded her former lover into either killing her or ravishing her and the High King chose the latter. The two monarchs used their hands of flesh on one another, resulting in a small earthquake and discovered that they are a key, however they were soon to discover that a ritual is needed to fully activate the key, something that both of them are wary to do.

In The Dark Early in the morning three days later a second key was found and activated by Lucien Delacourte of the Shapeshifters resulting in electromagnetic pulse that  rendered all electronics/computers/newer cars utterly useless. The US government has been put on alert and NYC is in a state of emergency. Citizens are urged to stay indoors and a curfew has been set that will be maintained by force. The National Guard and police forces patrol the city streets trying to curb the outbreak of hate mobs, looting and violence. Roarke’s club, Entropy, has become one the new Chimaera havens. The wounded, mostly Unseelie were treated in a makeshift hospital on the ground floor while others occupied other parts of the club, hoping for safety or wanting to fight back. That night, a half hour after sunset President Bradley has urged all magically inclined people to convene at the temple and try to bring back the power. Eventually, Gitanne made a statement to the masses. Natalie Talamasca all but disappeared leaving Katita to be the new head witch, a position she does well despite whether she would like it or not. Little did Katita know, that Natalie was on her way home from seeing her parents when her plane was affected by the pulse and crashed into the Hudson.

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The City (March...current year)

Stirrings of War It began with a proposal and it ended in murder.  As power slowly came back to the city thanks to the combined efforts of many of the clans, most notably the Unseelie and Talamasca, everyone had the chance to take inventory and to mourn.  Natalie Talamasca was saved by a water witch named Olesia and as she recovered at Entropy, Natalie reconsidered her opinions on John Constantine and he, her.  Roarke Bellemorte led a funeral procession to Central Park where Queen Gitanne and many others mourned the passing of many innocent lives. That night Doyle Andrews, after a night of passion with his off again lover Gitanne, asked the Queen to marry him.  She did not give him answer despite the feelings she once had for him, but it seemed to be heading towards a no.  The next morning Katita, listening to advice by Seth in the guise of the goddess Eris, tapped into her ancient heritage.  Unfortunately, Katrina Diablo decided to try and kill Katita because the Talamasca witch had retaliated against Dominic for killing the Talamascan children.  As Katita's death by Katrina became her rebirth as the third of the fabled keys, Katrina was obliterated by the fiery blast of Kat's new life.  The Diablo's wanted war in response to their Queen's 'murder'.  They were not the only ones, the humans had begun to stir again.

The Prophecy.  John Constantine and Natalie Talamasca, despite their better judgments, fell in love much to both of their surprise.  In the time since the Temple had unearthed itself in Central Park, John had been to hell and back already and thought nothing could phase him. Until he discovered Natalie's secret...she was going to be murdered and this death would be her Final Death. Natalie tried to keep it a secret, but eventually Katita and Olesia discovered it as well.  Knowing that her death would come soon and being wise enough to accept that everything happens for a reason spoke with her father to make Katita the new Baroness of the Clan.  Katita would rule in Natalie's stead when she was gone. The two witches became very fast friends and would discover that their friendship would become very important in the coming days.

Help Me.  Gitanne Noblesse went to Roarke Bellemorte in order to ask for his help if a war between the Talamasca and Diablo did come to pass.  Of course Roarke does not give anything for free. So Gia offered herself as Consort, something that she swore she would never do. Nastassia, Roarke's mistress only complicates this further, by beginning to sway the Unseelie Court.  She will become Queen, one way or another. No self respecting Sidhe ruler would ever demean himself by being with a leech, let alone a half breed like the Chimaeran Queen. Roarke would find safety in his son Ian's return to the Unseelie Court.  Heirs are always important.

The Coup.  Queen Noblesse decided to hold Court, something she had not done for many years, not since the Venice jyhad. It was something that many Chimaera thought was long overdue.  The Masquerade Ball was for every Chimaera in the vicinity and was supposed to put an end to an impending war between the Diablo and the Talamasca.  It was also supposed to be a chance to unify a nation and solidify a reign.  It was supposed to bring a moment's peace.  All attempts at such things failed. In front of the entire gathered mass Gia's grandsire and adopted mother, Darian Noblesse, called for a justicanal against the Queen.  In short she accused Gitanne of murdering her son Marius and called for her throne to be taken away as such an offense means death to any.  Normally such accusations would be brushed aside, but strangely Gitanne said nothing.  And this time Darian had the backing of 8 of the 21 of the Queen's Ravens, who had become tired of the way that Gitanne had been misusing them and the nation in the past couple of years.  They believed that she had become unfit to rule. No one had a choice, not even the Queen. She was stripped of everything until her hearing. It was ancient law and no one went against ancient law. 

Strange Connections  At the Ball Katita Talamasca and Roarke Bellemorte shared a tryst in an enchanted maze which Gia had stumbled upon by accident.  In retaliation Gia broke all ties with the Unseelie Court...Roarke was now an enemy.  Strangely Natalie Talamasca had 'seen' this tryst as if she had been part of it.  Reason:  Seth had bonded Natalie and Katita together magically.  They would be connected, even after death now.  This connection proved to be interesting.  After the Ball, the Diablos decided to strike back against the new Baroness, gunning her down. Thankfully Selene had taken a liking to the witch and healed her. As the two sat talking, Natalie and John finally consummated their little love affair resulting in Katita becoming all hot and bothered and putting the moves on a goddess.  Selene did not mind.  Gia hid the days following the Coup, betrayal weighing heavily on her heart and nearly breaking her. Bronic Noblesse's arrival helped her immensely and got her through the Lord of Sorrows torments that followed in the days after. 

When It All Falls Down 10 of the Ravens have since sided with Gitanne, with 10 siding with Darian.  One Raven however, Daniel, has remained undecided and the world hangs on his word and decision. If he sides with Darian, no matter what the outcome of the justicanal, the throne is once again up for grabs.  Some have tried to buy Daniel's decision, others have tried threats.  After all who wouldn't want to be King or Queen of the Chimaera? Wisely, Daniel disappeared. Gitanne has locked Darian out of the Noblesse homes and frozen all of her accounts.  Darian has politely smeared Gia's name in the media in retaliation.  The war between the Talamasca and the Diablo has been put on hold as the world watches the most powerful clan disintegrate.  If the Noblesse fall, everything will change. A Queen's empty throne is not the only things occurring in the world.  At the unearthed temple in Central Park strange markings have begun to appear on the outside.  In Sydney – Australia, Tokyo – Japan, Thule – Greenland and Santiago – Chile four more temples have appeared. New York City lies in the center.  No one can stop what is coming and something is definitely coming.  Choose your side now.

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The City (Mid May...current year)

Purgatory Six weeks have passed since Darian Noblesse's coup on her grandchilde, Queen Noblesse.  Though, Gia, Bronic, and a team of very qualified individuals have delayed the Justicanal as long as they could, they have run out of excuses.  Instead of hiding away, as she had been doing since the coup, Gia decided to go out.  Her first stop: Purgatory.  The fight club was popular that evening with a title championship for the general public upstairs and the exclusive Chimaeran Only rings downstairs.  The crowd included people such as: Asher and his new Girlfriend, Nemesis and Tamiko, and Darian's new protégée and wildcat, Calico Jack.  A fight broke out shortly after Gia stepped into the ring with Asher, presumably started by Calico Jack and Roarke Bellemorte. The Chimaeran Squad crashed the party soon after, following a tip that the red-headed woman who had stolen a motorcycle and crashed through a Starbucks, a.k.a Jack, had been seen entering the club.  With Chimaeran/Human tensions so high, the confrontation did not go well and ended even worse.  Squad members were killed in the fray and innocent Chimaera were injured, rounded up and thrown into jail, including Doyle Andrews.  Despite Bronic's misgivings Gia then fled to La Tristesse where she killed a bugbear named Tiny who tried to kill her.  She should have gone home after that, but she did not.

New Friends, Old enemies Elsewhere in the city, Natalie Talamasca helped finish moving Bethany Feranti into the second floor loft in her walk up.  Natalie's boyfriend, John doesn't trust Bethany as they have a past together.  He is convinced that the Feranti necromancer has ulterior motives and none of them are good. Natalie, however, does not believe these to be true and welcomes Bethany in friendship.  Bethany does have plans though.  Natalie holds the Heart of Gaia, one the fabled 13 keys, and Bethany will do anything, even feign friendship, to get it.  Somehow she eventually gained John's trust in the end and he is willing to help her use dark magic to save the woman he loves, even if it means lying to Natalie.  If he only knew that Bethany plans on destroying both him and Natalie. 

Eden continued gaining the trust and confidence of her estranged mother, Gitanne, without the Queen suspecting a thing.  In fact, she has successfully continued to poison the deposed Queen's mind that Roarke Bellemorte had been using her all along to get at the throne. Adriana Diablo and Darian Noblesse continued their new partnership and plotted how to destroy one clan in particular.  Nastassia Talesian continued to bend the Unseelie Court to her ear and Ian found himself now a member of his father's Court.

The Assassin's Kiss Wounded from her fight with Tiny, Gia retired to a private room behind the Curtain and called for a Blood Doll.  Little did she know that the doll had just ingested a Chimaeran poison, artfully slipped into his drink by an assassin employed by Nastassia. The effect was deadly.  If Galen had not discovered his Queen and sought help, she would be dead.   Help came from the most unlikely of sources, Darian Noblesse.  In her strain to save her adopted daughter, if only so that Gia would have to face the Justicanal, Darian inadvertently weakened herself and made Gia even stronger with her ritual magic and Hand of Power.  The effects are still unknown.

Upstairs, the assassin remained hidden with a spell of invisibility as he waited to see if he had been successful.  But he could not hide from Indira and her telepathy.  With her aid, Galen and Uther (currently on opposite sides) joined forces and fought the assassin, confining him downstairs.  However, they should have been watching him more closely.  Before they could discover who had hired him, he consumed his own poison.  Before his last breath escaped him Indira caught a flash of a blond woman - Nastassia.  Was she his employer? Lover?  Or something else?  Frustrated the trio headed upstairs to figure out what to do next while Calico Jack broke into the room and stole the assassin's eyes, tongue, heart and liver.  For what purpose?  We still do not know.

Attack at Entropy Even as the events at Tristesse unfolded, the nightly crowd gathered at Entropy for an evening of distraction.  Amusement turned to horror as an earthquake, caused by Adriana Diablo, wracked the very foundation of the Unseelie club.  Aided by the distraction, rogue Chimaera and brain-washed Unseelie flooded the club using the chemical agent 'Fog' to disorientate the club goers.  The mist not only debilitated younger Chimaera, but made the older Chimaera hallucinate.  A woman named Tyche befriended the mortal hacker, Kyle, and when the attack came prevented him from killing innocents and getting killed in the process. The casualties should have been devastating, but in the end only a handful of people were killed.  Roarke and Nastassia pursued one of the Unseelie attackers killing him in the end.  Aroused by the thrill of the hunt King and Consort renewed their bedside manner and Roarke broke an oath to himself in the process.  Nastassia then returned to Entropy sans Roarke and surveyed the damage.  In Roarke's absence Prince Ian took up his father's mantle and began damage control.

A night on the town for Natalie and Bethany took an interesting turn as they met Lady Laurelin of the Seelie Court and her friend, Iris at MacCafferty's.  Laurelin had specifically sought out the Talamascan heiress because of a disturbing vision she's had about the Princess.  Before Laurelin could elaborate, Natalie rushed out of the bar.  She had felt the unnatural earthquake.  With the aid of Laurelin and her friend, the women rushed towards Entropy.  Just outside the club the mercenary Makerei and the chaos loving Jack struck up a conversation that would eventually led to more including Jack hiring Mak to do her mistress', Darian, bidding. 

The aftermath of the attack wasn't pretty.  As cleanup began on the club Natalie, Iris, Bethany and Laurelin offered their aid.  Iris and Kyle became quick friends after a little misunderstanding with a sword and Nastassia arrived just in time to goad Natalie into what everyone thought would be a fight.  But Nastassia quickly turned her attention to Laurelin, especially after the longing looks the Prince and Seelie Lady passed between them. Ian excused himself and took a deep breath in his father's office when Zee arrived to offer her aid, in whatever form was needed.  The two shared a passionate tryst, secretly videotaped by Zee which would eventually be discovered by Laurelin, breaking her heart.  Bethany evaded questions by the Chimaeran Squad who eventually arrived on the scene and her apparent friendship with Natalie made Zee very curious.  In the end, Natalie and Bethany left the club, so that Natalie could bring news of the deaths, two were Talamasca, to their loved ones.

Ghosts and the End of Love Zee and Andy eventually left Entropy, with the heart of one of the attackers.  They sought a necromancer's help and in the process discoevered that a woman named Raeanne MacManus knew who had orchestrated the attack on Entropy.  In the process though, Darian now knows that Nastassia is on her trail.  The two Unseelie eventually made their way to La Tristesse in hopes that they would find more about this mysterious woman.

Roarke went to console an emotional Gitanne, who'd had a fevered dream/vision about Marius while she lay dying, at her penthouse loft.  But things did not go as expected.  Gia still hurt over his betrayal with Katita, after she had offered herself up like some sacrificial lamb, among other things screamed her rage and sadness only to fall into his comforting embrace.  When Eden and the 'hi-i'm-not-dead' Amatheon burst into her apartments, afraid for her life after the earlier assassination attempt, a confused Gia pulled away from Roarke.  Roarke misconstruing the action as it brought up painful memories of their own past together, finally declared that it was over between them and that he hoped she got exactly what she deserved at the Justicanal.  He left the Noblesse estate in a fury and headed to Tristesse.  There he found Nastassia and he unleashed his rage over Gia and over Zee's own indiscretions with his own son (a tape was conveniently placed where he would find it)  on Nastassia.  It was as pleasurable as it was brutal for both parties, but Zee did not enjoy being humiliated in public and retaliated.  Perhaps in attempt to placate her or because he had given up on the Queen of his heart, Roarke asked Zee to marry him.  Zee's scheming was finally coming into fruition.  The happy couple later met with Raeanne, the newly returned Katita, and Andy where Raeanne told them that it was Adriana and Darian that had orchestrated the attack on Entropy.

What Once Was Lost The Noblesse Household was shocked to find that Gitanne's former captain, Amatheon, was not dead as previously thought.  Disappearing almost seven years ago, his return has brought up many questions that he has yet to answer.  Keil Haddick came out of hiding, after his coup on Lucien Delacourte failed, only to arrive on the Noblesse doorstep.  As he left the estate, Darian and Galen showed up.  The welcoming committee was not in full force for the Noblesse matriarch.  Galen introduced Indira to his clan and asked if he, Indira and Uther could investigate the assassin who had tried to end Gia's life further.  As Indira and Galen grew closer than either one of them expected, at the Seelie Court Kyle continued learn more about his new friends.  On the airwaves Dominic Diablo had resident bad boy, Sebastian, issue a press release.  In his statement, which few stations would play, Bastian conveyed Dominic's statements on the current state of affairs.  He also publicly apologized for the attack on the Talamascan orphanage and offered his services to both Gitanne and Darian. Earlier in the day Tamiko, Aerin and Nemesis headed into the Temple.  What they found there surprised all of them. Will they make it out?  Will they find what they are looking for?

Predator Becomes the Prey Something snapped when Gitanne discovered that Roarke was getting married to the woman who could have ordered her assassination.  She did not cry, instead she went to visit Dominic Diablo.  After a violent tête-à-tête, Gitanne told the Diablo King that his time to rule was over.  He has until sundown to leave her city.  If he remains, he will dead by sunrise.  Elsewhere, Kate woke up; newly Kindred she has no idea what this means for her.  A mysterious man named Nightwalker arrived in the city, searching for something to kill. Gia made an announcement, via Thomas Gunn, about Dominic's fate and Adriana made her own statement shortly saying that Dominic's actions do not reflect her clan and that though she was behind the attack at Entropy, she only did so because Dominic ordered it.  By nightfall, she found herself the new Queen of the Diablo. However, how long she will keep that title remains to be seen.  Especially when she has Roarke Bellemorte after her throat.  Luckily, Gitanne decided to use the new Diablo Queen to her advantage and has offered her aid, if only to piss off Roarke.

Descent Into Hell Aligheri's, a Giovanni club, is opening this evening and many of the Chimaera in the city have come to join the glitz and glamour of a red carpet affair.  Katita arrived early and found herself on an unexpected date with a Goddess.  Before things could get too hot and heavy between the two women, Selene disappeared, but Kat soon found her satisfaction in the form of a quickie with an old friend.  Other people arrived at the club including: Keil and a Shapeshifter entourage; Casca, Gia's new bodyguard who seems to have a history with both Roarke Bellemorte and Marie Giovanni; a thief named Charlie, who is working for Jarrod Prince; Nightwalker, who befriends Charlie; Roarke, Frost and Nastassia; and more.  Of course the night has only begun and usually when the Chimaera get together, bad things happen.

Something Wicked This Way Comes It started with the discovery of the body of the Massachusetts governor and it continued with the horrible murder of Seelie nobles by the hands of the Lord of Sorrows and one of his followers.  The night has only just begun.

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