TITLE: Young Satinamuh Agent, Nemesis's Protegee

RACE: Human


MERITS: Firearms (Pistols are her speciality), Ambidextrous, Martial Art: Judo  (Tamiko knows enough Judo to get her out of trouble if things get too close)

FLAWS: Short temper (Self explanatory), Frustration (Tamiko likes be involved in the thick of the action and quickly becomes frustrated during lulls)

HISTORY: Tamiko is one of the youngest Satinamuh agents in the frontlines of New York City, a fiery girl with a blazing temper.  Tamiko’s burning anger towards the injustice of Chimera rule has not yet cooled to the icy hatred that motivates many of the veteran Satinamuh.

As a student, Tamiko was part of a strongly radical civil liberties campaign group that campaigned on behalf of a greater voice for humanity on the rulership council.  Limiting itself to legal political and media campaigns, the group achieved little but the occasional patronising remark from one of the city’s Chimera rulers.  Always short tempered, Tamiko found herself becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress made by peaceful protest and gradually inclined towards the more radical methods of the Satinamuh.  Initially joining the net of local Satinamuh informers, Tamiko hankered after a more active role and eventually found herself part of a local underground patrol that kept the subway platforms clear.  Her combat abilities were quickly found to be prodigious, her superb handling of firearms being especially impressive.  Since becoming a fully-fledged agent, she has acquired a pair of custom automatics and a variety of specialized ammunition for dealing with virtually any Chimera threat.  The pistols are nicknamed Sound and Fury, inspired by Tamiko’s favourite Shakespeare play.

Tamiko is a contrast.  In many ways, she represents the modern face of the Satinamuh being both politically savvy and primarily interested in the defense of humanity, but her preferred methods hark back to an earlier era when the Satinamuh fought with an almost nihilistic savagery.  Tamiko’s intensity of belief has yet to be tempered by experience, and she throws herself into every battle with the Chimera as if each one could change the world.  She has much yet to learn.

Nemesis has taken a special interest in the progress of the hot-headed Tamiko and has adopted her as something of a protégé.  The two share a somewhat strained friendship.

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