TITLE: Lord of Sorrows, The Elder, He Who Shall Not Be Named, The Big Bad

REAL NAME: Seth Adamson. Yes he is the third son of Adam and Eve. Check your bible; yes that son the Christian God gave Adam and Eve to replace Abel.

RACE: Unknown

HANDS OF POWER: Arcane Magic (Beware of anything)

MERITS: Awareness, Bureaucracy, History (hey he has been alive since the time of the Old Testament he a living history book), photographic memory, Law of the east, Leadership, occult Library, occult, politics, ritual Knowledge, torture, Weapons, Subterfuge, Ritual Magic

FLAWS: Addiction- must drink and eat the flesh of Chimera’s to sustain his prolonged life, Sensitive to Light, Dark Secret, Driving Goal - open the door and rule those who enter, Overconfident - believes that he can control what comes through the door.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: No known photograph exists. He is the shadow in the shadow. No one truly knows what he looks like not even his most trusted advisors as he either stays hidden or uses his magic to hide his true form underneath the guise of a friendly one. But there are rumors. Some say he is an emaciated skeleton, while others persist that he is a demon. In actuality he has had many forms and he has used them in many ways.  His favored visage, like the one Gitanne Noblesse remembers is a relatively handsome man in his late 30's.  His true form? We may never know.

CHARACTERISTICS: The Lord of Sorrows. Degenerate son and unholy terror. He is a member of no family, belongs to no clan, an ally to none and answers only to himself. He is the cruelest of the cruel and the darkest of anything on this Earth, including the Chimaera. He is neither demon, nor man, but somewhere in between. His powers rival that of Nicholas Giovanni and the Feyan Courts combined. But unlike the ancient Kindred king, he is not afraid to use them. He avoids daylight even though he is not kindred and must eat the flesh of Chimera to sustain his artificially enhanced life span. He is the spider in the web controlling all through his threads but never actually appearing. Until lately as the apocalypse approaches plans that have been in motion for centuries come to a head and the Lord of Sorrows may find that he must take a more active hand in his plans.

HISTORY: The Past - Little is know about the Lord of Sorrows. It is rumored that he was once human. A man who delighted in debauchery, violence and pain, he was feared by even the cruelest man and when he turned to ‘darker’ means to get what he wanted he was feared even more so and given the name, The Lord of Sorrows. The title could have been hereditary for if it is not, the Lord would be between two–four thousand years old depending on which ancient record one used. While this would not be impossible for a Chimaera, none of the preternatural claim him as kin, as he is neither were, kindred, witch or fae.

What is not known is that the Lord of Sorrows has been feeding off the Chimera for centuries and he wishes the door to be opened. He uses Chimaera flesh and blood to sustain his unnatural life. Once human he is now something else using the Chimera blood to give him immortality and power. He wants the door open since after centuries of over use the Chimera are beginning to lose the power to keep him alive. He plans to kill all Chimera that stand in his way. The open portal will bring new creatures for him to consume. With the Chimera out of the way he see himself as the power behind the new order gaining the gratitude of those he has let in.

His name is forgotten as is his past and he is the stuff of myths, legends and nightmares. He has been around since the Realms were closed to one another. Scheming always in the background happily controlling those who fool themselves into believing that ‘they’ actually rule. He caused the creation of almost every type of chaotic Chimaera that can be created or bound to kill the more lawful Chimera so that an old ancient record would come to produce results. In the past thousand years he has created an army, to kill those who stand against him and threaten his plans. Whether his army knows they belong to him remains to be seen.

He is the leader of an ancient religious, magic cult that has it roots in biblical times. Magi, assassins, thieves, politicians they are the power behind the power behind the throne. Called the Scarlet Brotherhood, they are everywhere although very few have any hint of their existence. Dominic Diablo has used them in the past, as have Roarke Bellemorte and Frost. As for the rest of Chimaera society only hints and whispers nothing more. He is also the man who ‘owned’ Gitanne Noblesse so many centuries ago and took their daughter away from her to be raised in his own damned image. What became of the young babe, no one knows but him.

Since the destruction of Club Muse, Sorrows has planted seeds within Gitanne.  He finds himself unable to take her life, but that does not mean he cannot take her sanity...have her destroy herself and everything around her.  His spells have helped.  Their daughter will help even further.

Be wary of this creature. He is your worst nightmare come true and if you oppose him, get in his way or disobey him, you are finished.

See also Gitanne Noblesse and Eden