TITLE: Doyle Andrews's Nurse

RACE: Human


MERITS: Athletics (Swimming, Sailing) Calm Heart, Concentration, Etiquette (Human High Society), Medicine, Psychology

FLAWS: Lifesaver

HISTORY: The Past - Sabrina Cole was born in Newport Rhode Island on a stormy April morning in 1976 to Saundra “Bitsy” Brice-Cole and Thomas “Tripp” Cole. Sabrina was born into the Rhode Island elite. The Coles were top shelf and they knew it. Sabrina was brought up among some the richest families in the country, her father was one of the most successful stock traders in the nation. She went to the best private schools, she had all the best advantages possible. She was not sheltered, however. Sabrina’s parents believed strongly in giving back to the community, and every Saturday she boarded the bus to Providence with her mother and they went into the worst slums in the city and worked in soup kitchens. When Sabrina became old enough, she began to take the bus trip on her own. She seemed to always know when people were hurting and exactly what to say to make them feel better.

When she was sixteen, however, Sabrina’s life took a very abrupt turn. Her father came home in tears one day with the news that he had lost huge amounts of money on a stock trade that had gone bad. The man who had lost money on the trade lied and said that he had never authorized the trade and Tripp’s character was too strong to accuse the man of securities fraud. He was forced to accept the loss as his own. Twenty five million dollars was instantly gone. Together, Tripp and Bitsy’s net worth was a shade over twenty six. Many families would have split up after such a traumatic event. The Coles closed ranks and became closer than ever. Thanks to her mother’s lessons in her youth, Sabrina was not afraid of the city and the entire family picked up and moved to Union City New Jersey. With dogged determination, Tripp Cole took a teaching job at an inner city high school in Union City. Bitsy, who always had an eye for fashion, got a job working for an interior decorator and Sabrina, or “Bree” found work after school and on weekends as a part time orderly in Bellevue hospital in lower Manhattan.

Sabrina studied hard and won a scholarship to the College of Saint Elizabeth in Morristown, New Jersey. She graduated with nearly a straight “A” average in three and a half years. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a double major in Psychology and Nursing. She became a Registered Nurse and moved into a cozy little apartment in TriBeCa. In 1997, she met a very skilled, very handsome doctor named Doyle Andrews. She had never seen such all-around skill from a physician. Skill in the operating room, bedside manner, consultations, diagnoses, respect from peers and generally being a good guy. He didn’t miss a beat. The junior nurse was swept head over heels. She was in love with him.

Unfortunately, a malicious rumor began to circulate that Dr. Andrews was a lycanthrope. His career was systematically sabotaged, and when the board finally trumped up charges to have him removed from the hospital, Sabrina went with him. Together, with Sabrina at his side and Lucien to back the project, they launched the first Chimaera Clinic. Sabrina is very proud of the work she does and she is still very deeply in love with Doyle. It tears her up inside to see Doyle’s heart get stomped on by the temptress Gitanne. Sabrina doesn’t like Gia and doesn’t fear her at all, she knows how scarred Gia is deep down.

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