TITLE: Captain of the Guard, Future Consort of Queen Maeve?

RACE: Fey/Full Blooded Sidhe

HANDS OF POWER: Shadow Weaving

MERITS: Stealth, Martial Arts (weapons + fighting), Ritual Magic (Advanced)

FLAWS: Probationary Court Member (Once an Unseelie and now a Seelie, Rohan will never truly fit in either Court now), True Love (ROhan is truly in love with his Queen)

Rohan currently acts as the shadow to Maeve's light. Somehow it is ironic that the Queen of Light finds herself with a Captain of the Guard whose power and life are wreathed in Shadow. No one other than Rohan knows all of his tale. There are significant gaps, the kinds of interesting gaps that make people gossip about him. Conveniently, he does not care about the gossip. Rumors and innuendoes are part of both Faerie houses. Inaccurate information can be as valuable as the truth for a man in his position. However, certain things are known to be true. Life for Rohan began in the Unseelie Court, a pawn in the power games from the moment he could walk and talk. There are some types of skills that are taught and cultivated, others that are simply knacks one acquires through years of use. Sometimes what looks like a knack hints at actual power. Such was the case with the young Rohan.

As a child he quickly learned the value of being quiet and keeping out of sight. Its tricky business, managing to be practically invisible in a room full of Fey, but he did it. People would simply fail to notice his presence. He learned all manner of interesting things in this manner. One evening at a party Roarke noticed the young man, or more accurately, noticed the fact that everyone seemed to be ignoring him. This roused his curiosity and brought incredibly manipulative forces to work in Rohan's life. Suddenly, he was noticed. Tests were arranged to determine how Rohan managed such incredible stealth. The results revealed a power similar to Roarke's own Darkness, a power based on Shadow. And so his path was set he would become an assassin. His instructors were many, always hand selected by Roarke himself to help Rohan realize his full potential. Courses in ritual magic, classes in martial arts, lessons on how to use all manner of weapons. Surrounded by some of the most influential members of the court, he learned about charisma, social grace, and political games. Many remember him as a pleasant young man, an apt pupil, and a rising star in the court.

As his skills grew, plenty of people made sure he had the opportunity to practice his arts. Even those close to Rohan cannot say for certain whose deaths he caused. He refused to even drop hints regarding who he may or may not have killed. A large party was thrown in his honor after his 100th kill many recall the festivities. A massive gap exists in the public record regarding why Rohan left the Unseelie Court. He had worked quite happily it seemed under the guiding hand of Roarke and those loyal to him. Yet one day, it all fell apart. Rumors abound regarding a falling out between Rohan and Roarke. Speculation regarding why he left still makes for pleasant conversation at dinner parties. The dry facts are straightforward but do not tell the story. After the birth of her daughter Lily, Rohan immediately infiltrated Maeve's home. He killed her guards and made his way into her bedroom. A lengthy conversation took place. At the end of that conversation, Rohan was installed as the Captain of the Guard for the Seelie Court. There were the inevitable challengers that saw him as either unfit or untrustworthy. Those in the earlier category died in open combat against him. A few in the later category were assassinated to make a point, and now those who do not trust him have at least learned to keep their mouths shut about it.

Despite his rather unconventional rise to the top, Rohan immediately found himself at the top of the Seelie Court. He and Maeve made a good match. Her powers and connections made certain she was well informed. Rohan's powers and abilities helped her make the most of that information. He tended to take a pro-active attitude regarding her safety. Rather than sitting and waiting for things to come after her, he's more than happy to go after things that might threaten the Queen of Air. At first, their relationship was nothing more than  professional. But through the years their affection grew. They have been lovers now and then, but have not made the mistake of the mortals and tied themselves together in some sort of marriage bond. They are Fey after all. They know better than that. Eventually she came to trust him enough to start working spells together. His instruction in the other court had been superb. And now, given the chance to work spells with Maeve, his ability with intricate ritual magic has risen to incredible heights. Her mastery of Light and his of Shadow have allowed them to combine magics in potent and frightening ways. Their bonds, both physical and magical, have shown Maeve that Rohan is utterly and completely loyal to her. Everyone knows of his loyalty. Yet no one knows why he has taken her side so completely.

It is rumored that he has seen the Apocalypse coming, has some clearer inkling of what is going on than most. Perhaps he is a Closer, wishes to keep things as they are, and knows that the Seelie Court is most likely to agree with him. Another rumor suggests that he has seen the coming war and believes he will have the opportunity to kill more people if he is aligned with the Light. Yet other rumors suggest that Shadow can only exist where there is light and that Darkness leaves no place for it. None can say if any of these are the truth, or they are all the truth after a fashion. After all, Rohan is Fey - what does he care about the truth?

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