TITLE: High King of Flesh and Darkness, Unseelie Court Ruler

RACE: Fey/Full Blooded Sidhe

HANDS OF POWER: Flesh and Darkness

MERITS: Leadership and Politics, Finance and Bureaucracy, Seduction, Subterfuge, Martial Arts (Fey Unarmed Combat and Celtic Leaf Bladed Long Sword)

FLAWS: Reputation, Immortal Passion (Gia), Frustration, Nightmares

HISTORY: The Past - Over five thousand years ago, Roarke came from Sidhe to Middle Earth. Many of his people left their Realm to come to the "new world" as an exploration adventure. They came to Eire and found that the monstrous Firbolg had enslaved the human natives there. As a powerful warrior, Roarke and his band led the charge to rid this fresh world of their plague. War ruled the land as the Children of Dana fought the Firbolg and finally defeated them. But the cost was high, with many of the Fey left dead. Before more of the Fey could make the Dawn Ride from Sidhe, the way was sundered and the survivors were trapped. They could not leave and none could come to help. The biggest problem with this was that the birth rate for the Fey was very low in comparison with the Firbolg and others of the abominations. Within a few short years, the Fey were vastly outnumbered. Roarke volunteered to take his band deep into enemy territory and lead a shadow campaign against them.

For years, the Fey Noble led his men on covert missions which no one else wanted: dirty war which many of the Feyan Noble's thought beneath them. Murder, assassination, torture and more were the domain of Roarke's Raiders. With Frost and Rohan by his side, mention of Roarke sent shivers through even the toughest of Orcs. They turned the tide while on the front lines, the most Noble of the Fey charged with lance and shield.

Finally, the hordes of inhumans were whittled to manageable numbers and Roarke and his company were no longer needed in the field. But he and his men came to realize that they were no longer welcome at Court. They were shunned, whispered about and avoided. Because of the things they had done, they were an embarrassment. A reminder that sometimes awful things have to be done in war. Roarke and his men were asked to leave the Fey Court. So, after years of helping his people, Roarke took his men and all the undesirables from the war and left. He founded and organized his own Court with Frost by his side and they have yet to look back.

Now, millennia later, his people are legally protected. With his wealth and powers, Roarke has built a vast media and entertainment empire that is beginning to rival that of the Kindred and other human endeavors. The mortals need to be amused and Roarke is more than happy to give the people what they want. As his star continues to rise, Roarke seeks to bring his people back to pre-eminence. Back to where they belong. And whatever is trying to reach Middle Earth from the outside just might help him achieve his goals.

Roarke Bellamorte, to all observers, is a magnetically handsome man. He is a notorious womanizer and will rarely stay with one for long. His current mistress, Nastassia, amuses him to such a degree that he has kept her around but he truly desires Gia. Their one time affair consumes him. He has vowed to himself that they shall be together no matter the cost. And in the end she will come to see the wisdom of his decision.

The Unseelie King is feared as an enemy and prized as an ally. He is known as a vicious warrior but a generous lord. One moment a ruthless betrayer and in the same breath a staunch defender to those he trusts. A mass of contradictions and for this a wild card in New York and in the game they all play.

See also Gia, and Keys