GIVEN NAME: Darius (pronounced Duh-Rye-Us) Talamasca

TITLE: Former Leader of the Feranti, Gregory Talamasca's Younger Brother, The Mad Monk

RACE: Witch

HANDS OF POWER: Necromancy (Spirit) and Arcane Arts

MERITS: Calm Heart, Blood Magic, Demonology, Thaumathurgy, Occult Library (located in Venice), Occult Knowledge, Etiquette, Gremayre, Intimidation, Linguistics (20+), Torture

FLAWS: Addiction (Chimaera blood), Overconfident, Notoriety, Dark Secret (the murder of Marius), Hunted (LoS)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Rasputin is a wicked looking man in his best age. He often wears clothes from the early 20th century that match his black hair and emerald green eyes. He is, like his former student Dante, a manipulative man who likes to plot people against each other. He hates failures and punishes everyone who has failed in his eyes, often with the help of his torture instruments in the basement.

HISTORY: The Past - Rasputin is one of the oldest beings on Earth. He has lived many lives, more than any other known Talamasca. During all these lives he had taken on many names to hide himself from the Lord of Sorrows. Rumors say Rasputin knows his true identity. He got his current name in Russia where the Feranti had got a foothold in the Bolshevik-movement. Yes, he was THE Rasputin who poisoned the minds of the Romanov family in Russia and plotted their downfall. After their execution he just disappeared again, hiding in the Feranti Headquarters in Venice until Dante moved it to New York.

The before mentioned Dante took on the leadership after Rasputin stepped down for some unknown reasons, but remained the advisor of his former student. If there is one person Bethany should make friends with, it is Rasputin if she is going to take control over the Illuminati Corp and the Feranti. However, Rasputin admires those who take initiative, those who see the broken and weak links in the chain. And above all else, he admires those who are willing to do anything to get what they want.