PLAYED BY: queenie_kris@yahoo.com (KRIS)

TITLE: Employed Assassin of the Diablo Clan, Sometime Lover of Sebastian, Nicholas Giovanni's childe

RACE: Kindred


MERITS: Torture, Seduction, Martial Arts (weapons + fighting), Stealth

FLAWS: Divided Loyalties, Destructive Relationship

HISTORY: The Past - Born in ancient Britain to a beautiful healer named Deidre who was brutally raped by a Roman soldier, Raina grew up hating the Romans. As she watched the barbaric Romans continue to rape and invade her homeland, she struck back the only way she knew how. First in the guise of a young camp girl, she assassinated drunken knights and then as she grew older, fought openly alongside the defenders of her homeland or seduced her way into the beds of the higher ups where they learned just how deadly her kiss could be. Her passion and her skill caught the attention of Nicholas Giovanni who was as enamored with her beauty as much as he was her talents. But for once he did not try and bring her to his bed. Instead, he trained her to become a silent killer, using her gender as a cover if her enemies were foolish enough to dismiss a woman. He taught her honor in a kill, and the need for the caution and planning.

After some time, she became responsible for overseeing the Giovanni forces. And somehow, along the way, she had fallen in love with Nicholas Giovanniís pureblood son, Julian. But Julian was already married, to a young woman named Nicole. A woman that Raina liked very much. She vowed that she would never be the other woman, never be the mistress. She knew that she could have had a place in Julianís bed, but she could never have his heart for he already had a wife to love. She was only a distraction and she could only bring the couple pain. She had to leave.

With a weeping heart, she left the Giovanni family all together to find a way to combat her pain. She continued to use her skills and became an assassin for hire of sorts, fooling herself into believing that money was a substitute for love. When the Diablo Family offered her more money than she had ever received for an extended position, she accepted.

Over time she learned to feel nothing, but the job she was paid for. She learned to savor the hunt and the kill. But her life as an assassin and her life as a woman are two separate things. She is loyal to the Diablos because they pay her well not because of her love for them. In fact she interacts seldom with the family save for Bastian whom she has had an off again off again relationship with. However, that relationship is a very destructive one...for both parties. She'd rather feel pain than nothing at all.

When she is not doing a job, you can find her in a museum, at a Broadway show, etc as she adores the Arts.

See also Nicholas Giovanni, Julian Giovanni, and Bastian