PLAYED BY: illuminate_me7@hotmail.com

RACE: Clanless Kindred/Sire Unknown


MERITS: Having spent most of her days on her own and traveling, she had been told that she exhibits much COMMON SENSE; which also explains why she is very STREETWISE. Being small, and quite light, she has the ability to be STEALTH whenever she chooses. When not found sleeping, she can often be found PERFORMING in some sort of way...writing, dancing, singing, or acting.

FLAWS: Usually found sleeping, she had been said to be an incredibly DEEP SLEEPER...which seems decidedly inconvenient, considering she suffers from extremely violent NIGHTMARES. When alive she had a strong ADDICTION to cocaine, alcohol, and cigarettes-she still occasionally drinks out of old habit.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Has long dark curly hair well past her broad shoulders. She only stands at 5'7,but it quite powerful. She had piercing icy blue eyes. Usually mistaken for innocently human, her attempts to cover up her scent of death explains her well maintained appearance.

HISTORY: The Past - RaeAnne was born one hundred & twenty-seven years ago in what is today the Republic of Ireland. 1877 if you're looking to get your math just right. January. The thirteenth. Her parents were Nora & Cillian MacManus, two lowly Irish peasants whose business was mainly dealing with livestock & crops. Between them they managed to have nine children. Six boys before RaeAnne & two eventually followed. Because their religious beliefs were divided, half of the children were baptized Catholic & the other half Protestant. When RaeAnne was seven years old her parents moved the family to America - Louisiana. They claimed it had a lot to do with bettering the family, but RaeAnne truly believed it had something to do with the religious conflict that had its grip on the country at the time. She would never really know. When RaeAnne was ten years old, her parents & oldest brother died in a terrible accident. This left her remaining brothers & her to fend for themselves in the strange new country.

After relocating to New Orleans, trouble found the boys & RaeAnne fast. Most of them fell into theft to support the family's needs. RaeAnne kept to herself, her spirit slowly deteriorating as each misfortune crept into her life. Finally, shortly after her seventeen birthday, RaeAnne was pushed over the edge when her second youngest brother was sent to an insane asylum. Unable to help, & stressed out over nightmares suddenly beginning to invade her precious sleep, she gave into the drugs & alcohol being constantly passed around.

A few moments of clarity later, RaeAnne found herself in Boston with her older brother Brandon. She had begun to get tired of the lifestyle she had been living in New Orleans with her thieving brothers. Brandon had always been the one she could trust. They fit right into the community they had settled into, finding jobs easily. Two years after they had moved, RaeAnne was nineteen, it was Brandon's twenty-third birthday. After heavily drinking in a local pub amongst friends, they stumbled through the Common on their way home. There they ran into a vampire. RaeAnne watched as the creature tore into her brother's flesh & then turned on her.

RaeAnne awoke the next morning in the park, her brother's lifeless body lying a few feet away. She knew something was terribly wrong, but never could have imagined just what had happened to her the night before. After buring her brother, RaeAnne left Boston in search of the creature that had changed her. Once she found him, she learned all there was to know about just what she was. And then, using everything he had taught her, she killed him.  Since then she has traveled around the world, experiencing anything that happened to come along. RaeAnne has made most her money performing in some way. She can often be found writing or singing, & even dancing and acting has found a place amongst her days. The only traces of her mortal life that remain is the addiction. It is a strong presence in RaeAnne's every day happenings...

Perhaps RaeAnne is best known for being sporadically & increasingly violent. Though, her demon is at its worst when provoked. She doesn't particularly enjoy the hunt or killing until thrust into it - whether it be forcefully or out of pure necessity.  Although she's been described as laid back, RaeAnne will never deny a challenge. Which is why, you could say, she is in the city. She hasn't exactly decided where her allegiance will fall when the actual war begins, but she hopes there will be a place for her amongst the chaos. However, RaeAnne finds a kind of satisfaction in knowing that the only certainty in the Rotten Apple is when the door is opened then no one will go untouched...

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