PLAYED BY: Anthony

TITLE: Hunter

RACE: Human

NAME: Unknown. Goes by many names. The most popular is Asshole. The third or fourth most popular is Nightwalker.

FAMILY: His parents were homeless humans, slain by vampires. Their names are also unknown.

MERITS: Ambidextrous (Uses Katana and Wakizashi, but not because its mainstream), Intimidation (Because he's so jolly), Firearms (Reach out and touch someone, this includes reloading his own bullets) ,Martial Arts (Iaijutsu and Nito Kenjutsu, a la Miyamoto Musashi), Calm Heart (Why he's still alive), Stealth (Also why he's still alive)

FLAWS: So Very Hunted (See History)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: He's strong enough to throw a mean punch and run his ass off if necessary (sometimes in that exact order), but nothing truly remarkable in the muscles category. His true physical advantages are in his ridiculously quick reflexes and impressive toughness. The man just won't stay down. Usually wears a cloth longcoat (because leather is hot in summer, and, more importantly, expensive), to hide the harnessing he's created that holds his weapons against his body.

PERSONALITY: He knows how to gather information, but not from the library. He's a little above average in the intelligence department, but relies more on his wits to let him know if he's in trouble. When it comes down to it, he'll draw weapons before asking questions. Socially, His persuasive abilities rely on handily available sharp or otherwise dangerous objects combined with meaningful glares. When particularly expressive, he tends to simply brood.

CHARACTERISTICS: Age: 32 (Old fogey… for a hunter), Height: 5'7" (Alcohol stunts the growth), Weight: 160 (Wiry… no, really), Eyes: Dark brown (And emotionally dead… it's only cool in movies), Hair: Also dark brown and short (Cuz I dig the dark brown theme)

HISTORY: The Past - Nightwalker was raised by another hunter, though the term "raised" is used loosely. He grew up without schooling, and lacks academics in the traditional sense. When he wasn't stealing alcohol for his Old Man (the only name Nightwalker ever had for him) and himself, he was forced to study material of a more esoteric bent.

When one of the Old Man's fellow hunters was killed, Nightwalker was tutored by another of the members how to fight with the katana and wakizashi. The Old Man taught him how to use and take care of firearms. Failure was usually met with physical punishment. He killed his first vampire at the age of 15. His ability to fight slowly began to eclipse even the Old Man himself.

He's become hardened to killing both supernatural creatures, and when necessary, their human servants. He eases the resultant psychic trauma with alcohol. It helps him sleep without dreams. After the Old Man's team was taken out by the Prince of Chicago (one Francesco Diablo) forcing the Old Man himself into an early (and physically disabled) retirement, Nightwalker began holding up the team's work. On his own. His strategies are inventive and his ability to fight is efficient and nearly inhuman.

Recently, his involvement with another hunter, a woman named Kane, and their attack on the Prince of Chicago's lair ended with the Final Death of Francesco Diablo. Nightwalker and Kane parted ways on quite bad terms. He's left the city with Francesco's servants on his tail (though likely for their own gains). He intends to use the twisting alleys of New York to single out his enemies and turn the tables on them. As a hunter, he also seeks to make the trip worthwhile and intends to take the head of Dominic Diablo, Francesco's kinsman.

DARK SECRETS: Nightwalker's soul is tainted by the ritual that killed his parents. They were sacrificed by Francesco Diablo to prepare Nightwalker's infant body as the vessel of an Abyssal entity… the Ritual was interrupted by the Old Man's team, but not quickly enough to prevent a Shadow being cast over Nightwalker's soul.

This Shadow provides no distinct advantages save for the ability to sense the presence of a supernatural being or event as a gut feeling. During the siege of Francesco's lair, Nightwalker stole two very important possessions of the Prince. Firstly, the sword Muramasa, a cursed katana said to be soulless and likely to kill its owner as easily as its intended victim… his soul's taint "protects" him against the sword's adverse effects. Secondly, a book of ancient vampiric magic that, after sensing Nightwalker as a vampire, ingrained itself into Nightwalker's memories, though its of little use to Nightwalker. He's not a vampire. It is safe to say that the vampires that now hunt Nightwalker are not so much in it for the vengeance so much as for the sword and torturously extracting the information of the book from him.

NIGHTWALKER'S SHADOW: The advantages to having a Shadow over one's soul are few. Nightwalker's soul seems dead, so he can become a nameless face in a crowd. Any being with any supernatural abilities whatsoever can see through this though. Because of the Evil in his soul, he can feel the presence of other supernatural things as a "gut feeling."

The disadvantages: it's a curse. The shadow over Nightwalker's soul is Evil. It wants to destroy Nightwalker's essence completely and turn him into a fleshy muppet and commit horrors known only by the darkest side of the unconscious imagination. The ritual that was to let it do exactly that was broken. So now it surrounds his soul, settling for the second best method: corruption. It must exert its will greatly to actually vocalize into disgustingly evil gibberish in Nightwalker's mind, so instead it attempted to slowly alienate Nightwalker from everyone by slowly eroding his trust in... well everything. After that it would direct his broken husk towards whatever ill will the Evil had.

But Nightwalker still has a shiningly strong soul. He learned of his plight in his early years and has steeled his mind to resist its urgings. Still... at times the voice whispers into his mind of destruction and corruption, and he must wrestle with it. This can happen at very inopportune times.

Sometimes the voice speaks to his mind and urges him to do things and he must take time to focus his mind. Sometimes it's much worse and he sees hallucinations, though this is rare.

The one place where the Evil has its day is in Nightwalker's dreams. Restful sleep is a rare thing for him.

WEAPONS: Muramasa – The cursed blade. The sharpness of its edge is unmatched, as its corrupting nature. It's soulless nature is so pervasive that, when unsheathed, the sword is covered in a coat of fine frost and cold to the touch. It first drives its wielder into a mad bloodlust and consumes his or her soul once every ounce of humanity has been defiled beyond hope. The Shadow over Nightwalker's soul allows Nightwalker to wield the blade without ill effect. Whether this is out of competition or kinship between Muramasa and the Shadow is unknown.

Wakizashi – Your basic Japanese short sword.

Combat Knife – Because only an idiot doesn't have one in Nightwalker's profession.

Sword Sharpening and Cleaning Kit – Clean swords are happy swords.

The Harness – A durable harness that keeps his blades and guns against his body when among the unknowing masses and easily at hand when in a combat situation. It also compliments his unique fighting ability, allowing him to draw and sheathe/holster swords and guns quickly and efficiently.

Smith and Wesson Model 29 Revolver - .44 Magnum rounds. Because six massive bullets should be able to make anything stop and think.

American Arms Silver II Double Barrel, Break Action Shotgun - 12 gauge buckshot shells delivered from a sawed down six-inch barrel. This shotgun has been fitted with a pistol grip to make it a hold-out weapon with a kick that horses in heat can't duplicate.

Winchester Model 70 Classic Safari Express Big Game Rifle - .458 Winchester Magnum rounds capable of making large creatures with horns shit themselves. Outfitted with a bipod and Night Vision telescopic sights (which can be also used in daylight when necessary).

Sighting Tools – To maintain the accuracy of his guns.

Reloading Bench – to make bullets and shells. It's a hobby. A hobby that keeps the feds from tracking him by bullet sales.

It should be noted that Nightwalker is sensible and doesn't take all these things with him… otherwise he couldn't walk. Without saying, his knife and two swords are always on him, which is why when he goes information gathering, he usually leans against the bar rather than sitting down. He has a hip-holster for his revolver and a leg holster for his shotgun, but rarely packs heat unless he expects trouble or is in bad territory (which are really quite the same...)."