TITLE: King of the Giovanni, Master of Illusion

RACE: Kindred

HANDS OF POWER: Life and Illusion

MERITS: Leadership and Politics, Awareness, Calm Heart, Etiquette

FLAWS: Code of Honor, Womanizer (A few affairs which he professes to his wife truly don't mean anything. Appearing on occassion to certain figures in history to try and guide them towards making decisions that would secure the world. Once or twice he's helped to weaken governments who thoroughly enjoyed destroying culture and society (the Nazis were an interesting target given their enjoyment in book burning); unfortunately their widespread fame secured them from Nicholas acting too publicly (Hitler dying suddenly might be suspect). Posed as a god once and enjoyed it...a unique experience not many could say they've had. May have even upset one or two in killing a few immortals who were misbehaving heavily.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Nicholas is an old, but tough, ancient who still manages to get around in the modern world. Appearing like an elderly man he is deceptively strong and sharp on the ball. His hair has thinned down to around the sides of his head, adding to the illusion of age and the feeling of his true age. His hair is snow white compared to his more flesh toned skin.

CHARACTERISTICS: Being one of the oldest has allowed him to become patient and calm even in times of trouble. He's also experienced quite a bit and is closely familiar with the concept of politics and court. He enjoys occasionally flirting with other women but continues to profess his love only for his wife. While he is familiar with politics, however, he prefers to not participate in the modern government system, leaving the mortals to delegate themselves unless they seriously manage to mess things up. His age has also not dulled his sense of humanity and thus he fights for the survival and well-being of mortals, though refusing to rule them or subjugate them. He did enjoy his brief tenure as a god, however, in the past.

Being who he is he also has the talent of taking energy from mortals and immortals alike, not needing to feed off the blood of others. Furthermore, he has the ability of spreading this power to others.

While he's frequently acting like the perfect gentlemen and politician at times, he secretly enjoys slipping off somewhere, like a club, and just watching the youths hanging out and partying. The lights are pretty and the music quite unusual, even refreshing in the sense that it's completely different from all other forms (even if he does hear the classic beat in them and can recall certain ones).

HISTORY: The Past - Nicholas is one of the oldest Kindred in this world, if not the oldest remaining. A  few thousand of years ago he once was regarded as a god, not that he can truly fault the people of the age for thinking him one given his abilities. Over his long life he has enjoyed exploring and experiencing everything he could of the time. Of course his gift of immortality came with the curse of loneliness which he typically sated with courtly attendance or wooing women. He's tried reading everything he could and understanding the way people thought over the ages to keep in touch with reality and not get left behind.

Despite his dalliances with other women, something he is unfortunately known for, his gentile wife, Marie stays with him still. Nicholas is the only Kindred known to be able to siphon energy from other creatures both mortal and immortal, though particularly Chimaera, so he does not have to feed. He can also spread it to others as well which makes him very powerful indeed.

Naturally he's also sired his fair share of vampires into the world and organized his own family to keep and maintain the works otherwise easily lost to time and warfare. To a certain extent the family could be said to be a certain guardian of humanity, though Nicholas himself would never force the family to directly save humanity every time they seemed to get into a little bit of trouble; nevertheless he's never thought himself to sire anyone who would enjoy their destruction either.

Over all this time, of course, he's weaved himself in and out of a country's politics and social life, keeping his family mostly to the sidelines and rarely spearheading major decisions or events in history -- that's not to say he hasn't influenced mortals to do so, of course, once or twice. As for his standings with other Kindred and the Council that is one politic game he easily enjoys staying out of. While mortal politics might change and be interesting to him in their reasoning processes, those of the immortal are frequently unchanging and more trouble than they're worth.

In current times, however, he's had his family based in the great city of New York, easily seeing its large importance in the modern day world and in the past one hundred years. Unlike Washington D.C. it also grants vampires a little more space to roam and more cover to blend into. Unfortunately it seems everyone else thinks so as well and clashes are inevitable.

While trying to enjoy himself today, speaking to those who look for him, and keeping his family strong and ready for any unfortunate circumstances that might come from less peaceful clans, there is one thing these days that has kept him paying more and more attention to immortal politics: the threat of something piercing the veil.

Massive wars between mortals were one thing, but he would not stand aside and allow some supernatural threat try to wreak the world of humanity without fighting it to the dead, as bitter or sweet as it might be. He had not lived all these ages just to stand aside and watch something move in and destroy it all.

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