PLAYED BY: Nerissa

TITLE: Princess Natalie Talamasca (Heiress to the Talamascan Throne), Council chair for the Talamasca, Gitanne Noblesse's Best Friend

RACE: Human/Witch


MERITS: Calm Heart, Hedge Magic, Athletics, Double Jointed, Etiquette, Finance, Herbalism, Linguistics, Humor

FLAWS: Destiny (destined to die), Phobias (Enclosed spaces, too many people), Heiress (to the Talamascan throne)

LOVES AND LOSSES: Natalie loves men. Always has and always will. In all of her lifetimes she's only been married six times for when she actually falls in love and not lust, she falls hard.  It is not to say that she doesn't love her flings because she does. But to find that love that lasts through the lifetimes, even through death, now that is what she longs for.  Something like her parents have.  Her love life has been sporadic of late. Hanging around Gitanne so much everyone gravitates towards the Noblesse Queen and away from Nat.  But when male eyes do wander in her direction, there is always someone who knows exactly what to say to the die hard romantic within.  Sometimes it gets her into trouble. She has always had a deep rooted crush on both Thomas Gunn and Frost, but was waiting for the boys to make the first move.  She's an old fashioned girl for all of her flirtiness and bon vivant. However two and a half months ago she and John Constantine began...something. To call it a relationship may be pushing it as both of them want to rush right in and run away at the same time. But it is love. Something that surprised the living hell out of both of them. It could be love, that one true love she's been searching for, only time will tell.  But is there enough time?

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Natalie is tall and lithe with a slender athletic build. She looks like she couldnít harm a thing, but her litheness hides lean muscle that help her take of herself when magic fails. Her skin is on the dusky tan side and her eyes the unmistakable jade which she hides with brown contacts (In this life she was not born with good eyesight and she desires to try and live a normal life if this is to be her last). Her hair is cut so that it grazes the top of her shoulders and the color of her hair changes as frequently as the seasons. She wears little makeup on her pixie cute face as she is more than proud to let what nature had intended shine through. She dresses in the latest clothing, being slightly partial to Simona Richards line of Nymphette Clothing. Where her best friend Gitanne is sensual and sophisticated, Natalie is fun and carefree when it comes to her style.

CHARACTERISTICS: Natalie was born to be a people person. She has the gift of making just about anyone feel welcome in her presence, whether she likes that person or not. She loves to socialize and even gossip now and then which she somehow manages to do without malice. What she will say behind a person's back, she will also say to that person's face. This gives her a very solid reputation for being honest. She is optimistic, but not without a dose of reality, loyal to the extreme and very good natured. She loves to have fun, flirt and live life to the fullest as one can never know when their last day on earth will be. To say that Natalie is a dreamer and a free spirit would be the understatement of the ages.

HISTORY: The Past - Natalieís first birth was in the year 1207 during the medieval era in Ireland. Her parents are Gregory and Julia Talamasca, rulers of the widespread Talamasca clan. As heiress to the throne, Natalie is the apple of her fatherís eye despite her spirited nature. He loves his daughter intensely and would do anything to protect her and keep her from harm. It's his over protectiveness that makes Nat want to scream.  Natalie is constantly reminding her dear papa that she is no longer a child and has not been for a few lifetimes.

She is very close to Gitanne Noblesse, not only as her vice president at Belladonna industries, but as her best friend. They first met one another when Gia was still human, a ghoul to Marius Noblesse. Marius had asked Natalie to teach the future queen Hedge Magic, Linguistics and the like and the two became instant friends. Natalie was there when Gia butchered Le Circle and when Gia tried to kill the Lord of Sorrows the first time. Natalie has seen Gia happy and seen her sad, and she has seen her become queen. She is loyal to her Queen and her friend and would do anything she could to keep her safe and from harm.

The Present - When the prophecies began to come into fruition two and a half months ago, Natalie couldn't deny what she has known all of this lifetime.  This death will be her last.  There will be no reincarnation...only finality.  And murder.  Natalie has known this as does her mother and father and a few others.  But it is not in her personality to fret or fall into despair.  However she has not been able to tell either John or Gitanne or any of those close to her.  She can only live for today and figure out somehow to break the news.

Natalie has also grown close to the new Baroness, Katita.  The fire child is her exact opposite and yet somehow they see eye to eye when it comes to their clan. She has been trying to school Kat in the way of the Council, clan politics, etc - grooming her to take her place when she is gone. Of course Kat has her own way to do things and there is still that whole part about trying to convince the Elders and her parents that Katita is worthy.  In either case Kat would be a far better choice than her brother Dante.  She may not live long enough to discover what has been trying to break through, but she wants to make sure that those left behind are well protected.

Natalie has been experiencing some weird things of late, has been ever since the Ball.  It's as if she is connected to Katita, can sometimes see what she sees, feel her emotions.  She hasn't really talked to Kat about it yet.  But she is very curious and a little bit concerned.

One more key note, she has struck up a friendship with Bethany Feranti. The necromancer has become her roomie (taking the first floor loft above her) and her new confidant. In return for Natalie's protection from her brother Dante, Bethany has promised to try and save Natalie from a Final Death. If Natalie only knew what her new friend was really up to.

See also Katita, John and Gitanne